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#1 Trusted Contractor

If you are looking for an eco-friendly attic, basement, or crawlspace insulation—blown-in insulation is a top choice. It’s made from recycled paper, opposed to fiberglass that, over time, can release particles that are dangerous to inhale.

In addition to being a more eco-friendly option, loose fill insulation is faster and easier to install than traditional batts. It fills and seals every square inch without the time required to cut and shape batts. It can even fill in complex roof designs.

Before we begin, we inspect your roof, roof vents, windows, and all exterior openings to ensure they are sound and sealed. Being made from recycled paper, even the tiniest bit of moisture can degrade your loose fill. If left wet for too long, mold will grow.

Not Sure What Type of Insulation Is Right for You?

Attic Pros provides a FREE estimate for all of our services. When it comes to insulation, we begin with a full inspection. We identify any repairs that need to be performed before we begin our work, and we advise you on your best options. This includes:

Whether or not your current insulation is sound and sufficient.

Advising on which type of insulation is best for your home

Advising on rodent-proofing and adding a moisture barrier

And more! All this free of charge!

Free Inspections by #1 Trusted Contractor

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The Attic Pros Team is here to serve! We are a top-rated San Francisco Bay Area service provider. To ensure you view the quality of our work, we provide you with before and after photos and videos.


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