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Exterminator Near Me in the San Francisco Bay Area

In need of rodent extermination? Look no further than Attic Pros! Our technicians are Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Trained, and Tenured. Not only that, but Friendly and Professional.

Diamond Certified

Trusted by our clients


#1 Trusted Contractor


#1 Trusted Contractor


#1 Trusted Contractor

Our Services Include:

Proactive rodent-proofing before an infestation occurs

Setting up traps and multi-day removal and safe disposal

A comprehensive inspection to identify entry points

And more!

Beyond Trapping

We provide you with before and after images and video of infested and contaminated areas. That way you can view the severity of the infestation and the quality of our work. All without getting too close to the mess!

Since many infestations are in tight spaces such as the attic, crawlspace, or HVAC ducts you may not want to climb in or crawl under to take a look. With Attic Pros, there’s no need—as we do all the dirty work for you.

Free Inspections by #1 Trusted Contractor

Full-Service Rodent Eradication

Mice, rats, and rodents can do a lot of damage. Also, we don’t consider our job done until we have fully rodent-proofed your home or business.
Even if we can trap, clean, decontaminate, and seal in one day—we’ll leave a few traps behind to catch rodents that may be hiding elsewhere in your home. Then we return a few days later to check and empty your traps.


Your Search for Rodent Exterminators Near Me Ends Today!

Many of our clients turn to Attic Pros after hiring other exterminators. Where many of our competitors fall short is in only providing a one-day service. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you still have rodents, our job isn’t complete.
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