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Rat Exterminators Near Me in the San Francisco Bay Area

If one rat is in your home or business, there are likely to be more. Whether you hear scampering sounds, have seen rats scurrying away, or can see or smell urine and feces — you must act fast. If you are searching online for “rat exterminator near me” Attic Pros, has you covered!

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#1 Trusted Contractor


#1 Trusted Contractor

Our Services Include:

Proactive rodent-proofing

Multi-day trapping

Green cleaning and disinfection

And more!

Beyond Trapping

Traps are just one step in remediating your infestation. You also need the nest removed and the affected areas of your home decontaminated. Then all entryways must be sealed, and all damages repaired.

Rats and rodents can spread a variety of diseases to you and your family, or you and your staff and clients. Most of these diseases are spread by breathing in dust that is contaminated by their urine and feces.

HVAC ducts are an ideal place to nest and travel throughout the home or business. If one or more of your vents has an unappealing odor — it’s likely contaminated.

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We’re Trained and Equipped

Our team of technicians is trained in full-service rodent removal. They arrive with the safety gear required to remediate your infestation without further spreading contaminates. The first step is a full inspection of your building interior, exterior, and HVAC ducts. Flexible camera scopes that run the length of your ducts are utilized for a thorough inspection. Then we clean, decontaminate, repair, and seal your home or building.


Extermination for Rats Near Me

Attic Pros is the exterminator of choice for thousands of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only are our rates budget-friendly, but our team is Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Friendly, and Professional—and we ensure a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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