Rodent droppings, mold, moisture, and bad odors in your crawl space?

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Rodent infestations are not something to be taken lightly.

Rodents can enter your home through the smallest of openings, including cracks in the foundation and vents. They can also leave a variety of diseases and parasites behind.
#1  Feature

Keep your home fresh and pest-free.

You may not see them, but they're there. Rodents, mold, moisture, and bad odors are hiding in your crawl space—right under your feet. Insulating and sealing the space is the first step to a fresh and healthy home.
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Crawl Space Cleaning Serving All Of San Francisco Bay Area

Our crew has been servicing the greater Austin area for over 20 years. We provide affordable and dependable crawl space cleaning, removal of debris & rotting materials, structural repair & reinforcement, as well as mold moisture removal. Call us to schedule your appointment today!
#3  Feature

Get rid of unwanted pests.

Crawl Space Cleaning - Rodent droppings, mold moisture, Rodent proofing crawl space, crawl space insulation removal and replacement, bad odors removal. Get rid of unwanted pests with a clean crawl space and an empty home. Contact us for more information today.

What Our Customers Says

Peter L
Peter L
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Attic Pros was very responsive with coming to do the inspection, providing a quote, and doing the work. I appreciate Jeremy, the project manager, and Luis, the foreman, for doing a superb job. The work involved diagnosing the problem (rodent was in the attic), removing the old insulation and droppings, sealing openings, putting in new insulation and cleaning up all the prep materials. The work was all done in one day! Much appreciated.
Anthony O'Rourke
Anthony O'Rourke
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We had the Attic Pro, Inc team come to our house clean, sanitize, and install new insulation in our Attic. They also did the same in our crawl space but also installed a vapor barrier. It was an extremely easy experience starting from Samim doing the inspection and quote on a Saturday and then the Attic Pro team doing the actual work on Thursday. It took a total of about 8 hours and Nico, who did most of communication, provided constant updates with pictures and videos to show progress. It was a great experience and would definitely use them again. Thank you again Nico, Carlos, Lopez, Pedro, and Jose for the great work!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of attic cleaning is dependent on a number of factors, including size of the attic, condition of the space, and existing problems such as mold growth, mildew, and moisture. During your free attic inspection, we will evaluate the condition of your attic and will provide an accurate quote for attic cleaning, along with an estimated completion timeline. We will also be happy to discuss financing options with you. Click the link to schedule your free attic inspection now!
A professional attic cleaning has many excellent benefits for the health of your home and your family. In addition to creating a fresh and clean attic space, attic cleaning can improve your indoor air quality, rid the attic of mold and mildew, and reduce harmful respiratory irritants within your home. During your attic cleaning, we will also inspect your insulation for damage, check for signs of leaks, and look for animal droppings or other signs of rodent infestation. If needed, we can install new insulation or provide rodent control services.
Typically, attic cleaning can be completed in 1 day, although there may be factors that increase the attic cleaning time. After we perform your free attic inspection (which usually takes 30 minutes – 1 hour), we will be able to provide an accurate attic cleaning time depending on the scope of the project.
No, our professional attic cleaning and sanitation process is completely safe, non-toxic, and free of harmful chemicals. We use the best commercial-grade tools and equipment to clean your attic space, and the final step includes sanitation of the entire area with chemical-free decontaminants.
Yes, our company is fully licensed, certified, and insured.
Yes, absolutely, please feel free to give us a call and we will provide a list of references. You can also check out this link to read our 5-star reviews from hundreds of happy clients!

There is no way to tell you about all the benefits of crawl space restoration, but I will tell you one thing.
You are not going to regret it.

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