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Squirrel Removal Near Me in the San Francisco Bay Area

They might look cute and furry from afar, but squirrels can do a lot of damage inside your home or building. Not to mention, the health hazards presented by their urine and feces. Give Attic Pros a call ASAP to schedule rodent or squirrel removal!

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#1 Trusted Contractor

Squirrels Can Do a Lot of Damage!

Squirrels are large, so crawling through your walls can damage your electrical wires. This often occurs when they chew through wires that are in their way. This damage creates a fire hazard. Not to mention, may leave some of your outlets, sockets, fans, or other wired areas out of operation.

They may also nest in and scurry through your HVAC ducts. Ducts aren’t designed for the weight of rodents, so they are sure to cause some damage. Squirrels aren’t discerning about where they toilet. Their presence introduces dirt and dust. Then their urine and feces seep into this dust, which can spread harmful disease and contamination each time your heat or air turns on.

Full-Service Squirrel Removal

Some rodent and extermination companies only provide a 1-day service. Attic Pros doesn’t consider the job done until all rodent activity has ceased.
This is achieved by providing:

Multi-day trapping

Green, pet-safe, and family-safe cleaning and disinfection.

Inspecting infested areas for damage

And more!

Free Inspections by #1 Trusted Contractor

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Your Search for Squirrel Removal Near Me Ends Today!

If you hear something scampering in your walls that sounds larger than a mouse or rat, it might be a squirrel. Either way, don’t delay!
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