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Attic Clean-up and Decontamination Tips From the Pros

Attic Clean-up and Decontamination Tips From the Pros

If you are like most people, your attic has been neglected for a long time. Maybe you have noticed strange odors escaping from your vents, or seen evidence of rodents invading your living space. You probably aren’t looking forward to the big job ahead of you, but these attic cleanup and decontamination tips from the attic professionals at Attic Pros should help.

Benefits of an Attic Clean-up and Decontamination

Other than to store unwanted junk, you don’t live in your attic, so why should you care what state it is in? Well, there are plenty of good reasons why you should keep your attic clean and in good order.

Rodent Control and Prevention

Rodents love a location where they can hunker down, breed, and cause damage unnoticed by the human residents. Mice, rats, raccoons, and other pests will chew, scratch, and claw their way around your attic, damaging your stored items and destroying your insulation.

Mice and rats use insulation for their nests. As pest urine and rodent droppings accumulate, attic insulation becomes a haven for disease, mold, and mildew and will need replacing.

A clean attic with adequate attic rodent prevention measures is an excellent reason to have a regular attic clean-up and decontamination.

You may not have the time or physical ability to clean a cramped attic space. In this case, a professional attic cleaning service near you is an affordable option that will save you money in the long term.

Keep Dust and Debris Under Control

Dust and debris in your attic will eventually make its way into your living space. The indoor air quality will be compromised and could lead to allergies and other respiratory distress.

According to this report, more than 80% of homes have detectable levels of mouse allergens. This figure indicates that rodent control is critical to maintaining your health and quality of life.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Hot days can heat your attic’s interior to more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Attic insulation is critical to preventing heat transfer into your living space.

Damaged insulation cannot provide an adequate barrier against heat transfer, but you won’t notice it unless you regularly perform an attic restoration and clean. Plus, you may not have the experience to tell if your insulation is inadequate, which is another way a professional attic cleanup and decontamination can save you money.

When you use a professional service to insulate your attic, you can potentially reduce your heating and cooling bills by 25% and eliminate air duct leakage by almost 30%.

Save on Maintenance Costs

A leaky roof can go unnoticed for years and lead to structural damage, mold buildup, ruin your insulation, and destroy your drywall. Moisture in the attic also makes the area more appealing to pests. Attic decontamination and cleaning will reduce the risk of an expensive repair bill catching you by surprise or a rodent population that will be challenging to eradicate.

Professional Attic Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a hot, cramped space like an attic is not easy. These attic cleaning tips should help you get through it with less hassle.

Wear the Right Clothing

The stuff in your attic will be a haphazard collection of disused items covered in dust. At a minimum, you should wear comfortable long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

A good quality breathing mask is You should consider safety goggles to protect your eyes against protruding bits of furniture like an old chair leg as you move around.

Remove Everything

Your first step is to get everything out of your attic. Not only will this eliminate a lot of difficult maneuvering in a cramped space, but it will be easier to identify problem areas like damaged insulation or a leaky roof.

Cleaning the dust and debris off your attic collection will be more efficient outside the attic because you won’t have to deal with dust clouds in an enclosed space.

Check the Insulation

Under normal conditions, attic insulation will last for years, but it does compress over time. If the attic floor insulation has dropped below the floor joists, you will need to add new insulation on top or replace it. If all you can see is the insulation, then it’s likely still in good condition.

Signs of dampness, mold, or mildew in the insulation may mean it needs replacement. Much of the air circulating through your attic also passes through your house and the air you breathe, which can cause allergic reactions and other respiratory issues.

Check the Condition of Your Attic

Insulation isn’t the only place that can harbor mold because it can also grow on damp timber and plasterboard. Discolored patches are signs of mold and can be black, gray, green, white, or orange. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when dealing with mold, so always check in with attic professionals for expert advice.

How Often Should You Have an Attic Cleanup and Decontamination?

We recommend cleaning and decontaminating your attic at least twice a year. This way, you will make yourself aware of any problems, such as a leaky roof or infestation, early on and deal with them before they grow into big, expensive problems.

Why Use A Professional Attic Cleaning Service?

An attic cleanup is much more than just getting rid of old junk. While it is a useful part of the service, there are many other features of a professional attic clean that you could benefit from, including:

  • Assessing the health and efficiency of your insulation
  • Checking the HVAC duct work for issues
  • Sorting through built-up junk and debris
  • Removing old insulation and replacing it with new
  • Identifying rodent infestations and installing rodent prevention measures
  • Attic decontamination
  • Identifying and removing mold
  • Checking for roof leaks

If it’s been a while since your attic has received some attention, why not relax and let the professionals do it all for you. You will save money in the long run and benefit from a cleaner, healthier home that is more energy efficient and free of pests. Call today for professional advice and competitive pricing.