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Rockwool Insulation Is A Top Installation Choice For Homes and Businesses In The San Francisco Bay Area

Are you looking for a team of trusted insulation contractors to install Rockwool insulation in your home or business? Trust Attic Pros to provide the best Rockwool insulation services for residential and commercial businesses in the Bay Area.

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Benefits Of Rockwool Insulation:

High performance, durability, and superior fire protection are some of the best benefits of installing Rockwool insulation in your residential or commercial location. Contact the team of licensed and qualified insulation contractors at Attic Pros to receive a free Rockwool insulation cost estimate based on your specific needs.
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Rockwool Insulation

What Is Rockwool Insulation?

Although sometimes the terms mineral wool and Rockwool are used interchangeably, they actually offer different levels of insulation performance. Rockwool insulation is a specific brand of mineral wool, and is created through a proprietary manufacturing process that provides exceptional fire-resistant properties. Rockwool is composed of basalt rock and slag, which are heated at extremely high temperatures until they turn into a liquid that resembles lava. Because of this process that eliminates all organic matter, the finished Rockwool insulation product offers superior fire resistance, moisture resistance, and heat retention.
Just like mineral wool insulation, Rockwool insulation provides superior sound absorption and energy efficiency. It is naturally resistant to decay, deterioration, and corrosion, making Rockwool insulation one of the most durable insulation choices on the market.
And with a composition of up to 75% recycled materials, Rockwool insulation is an eco-friendly and sustainable insulation choice for homes and businesses that wish to reduce their carbon footprint.
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We Are A Leading Rockwool Insulation Company In The San Francisco Bay Area

When you need the “best Rockwool insulation company near me”, you need Attic Pros.
Call us for your FREE attic inspection today! If we recommend Rockwool insulation as the best installation option to meet your needs, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate and will go over the entire Rockwool installation process in detail.
Unlike some other insulation options that are prone to deterioration, the fire-resistant and thermal protective qualities of Rockwool insulation remain consistent throughout the entire lifetime of the installation. With proper routine maintenance, your Rockwool insulation will stand the test of time to provide safety, comfort, and energy-efficient cost savings to your property.
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Attic Pros is the place where high quality, professional installation, and superior customer service are our top priorities. We have worked with hundreds of residential and commercial clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have proudly established lasting relationships with many happy clients and referrals.


Rockwool insulation is roughly double the cost of fiberglass insulation. Depending on your home or business needs, the investment may be well worth it for the additional safety, fire protection, and cost savings. After your free inspection is complete, we will go over the total project cost in detail.
No, it is entirely flame-resistant and fire-resistant, and will even help to prevent a fire from spreading.
Yes, due to its high level of moisture resistance, it will not absorb excess water. Even if it does get wet, performance will not be affected, as the insulation will return quickly to its original condition when dry.
Our team of professional Rockwool insulation contractors will have your project completed as quickly as possible. As we are discussing the details and terms of the project, we will also go over the scheduled timeline for completion.
Yes! The top priority of the team at Attic Pros is to exceed the expectations of our clients, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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