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Professional Whole House Fan Installation In The San Francisco Bay Area

Are Are you looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home, while also keeping your home cool and reducing your carbon footprint? Call Attic Pros to discover the benefits of whole house fan installation.

Attic Pros provides affordable whole house fan installation in the Bay Area for both residential and commercial clients. Call our team or book a free consultation online today.

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Whole House Fan Installation Is Efficient And Affordable

If your home lacks a central air conditioning system, whole house fan installation is an attractive and affordable option. The cost of installing a whole house fan is typically less than installing a central air conditioner, while still maintaining the ability to keep your home cool and comfortable.
In addition to lowering the temperature of every room in your home, installing a whole house ventilation system can even cool the attic by up to 50 degrees. When your attic is cooler all year long, you can reduce your dependence on air conditioning, which leads to lower energy bills and a greener household. As an added bonus, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to cool your home, meaning fewer repairs and greater longevity.
If you do have an existing central ac system, you may find that after whole house fan installation you don’t even need to turn on your air conditioning for most of the year.
When you are searching for the “best whole house fan installation near me”, you’ve found it with the team at Attic Pros!

Whole House Fan Installation Offers The Quiet Cooling Performance You Need

Attic Pros installs energy-efficient whole house ventilation systems that are quiet and nondisruptive, with the superior cooling performance you need all year long. In fact, homeowners can experience energy savings of up to 90% compared with traditional central air conditioning systems.
Whole house fan installation improves air flow throughout your entire home, and also prevents stagnant air and lingering indoors. Unpleasant odors from cooking, pets, cleaning chemicals, cigarette smoke, and more, tend to linger for hours – and sometimes days. Because the whole house fan is constantly circulating air, it prevents those unpleasant odors from sticking around for long. Whole house fan installation also helps prevent impurities, harmful gases, and pollutants from the outside air from accumulating to toxic levels within your home.
During your free whole house fan installation consultation, Attic Pros will evaluate the cooling needs of your home and recommend the best whole house ventilation system with the right size, power, and level of performance.
Benefits of whole house fan installation:

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