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Crawl Space Cleaning Los Gatos

A crawl space is an area beneath your home, usually between the floor joists and the ground. Many people don’t think about their crawl spaces until a problem arises, but it’s important to keep this area clean and properly insulated.


A clean crawl space can have a huge impact on your energy bills, better air quality, and the overall comfort of your home.


Crawl space cleaning in Los Gatos is an important task that should be considered for all homeowners due to the roof line being susceptible to debris. From leaves and mud to abandoned critters, there are many reasons why you should keep the roof line of your home cleared.


At Attic Pros in Los Gatos, our experienced and highly trained technicians provide high-quality crawl space cleaning services.


They will free up the area of debris, check for signs of water damage or mold issues, seal off any points where critters may enter your home, level the crawl space floor, and leave your crawl space clean and free of any unpleasant odors.


We offer free crawl space inspection to ensure crawl space cleanup and no problems go overlooked. With the finest quality materials and excellent service, you can rest assured that everything up and down under is taken care of.

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Effective Crawl Space Cleanout and Insulation

A cleanout of your crawl space is the first step in improving its efficiency. During a cleanout, any debris that has been collected in the area will be removed—including leaves, dirt, rocks, etc. This helps ensure that air can circulate freely throughout the space.


In addition to cleaning out the area, you should also consider installing some form of insulation in order to maximize efficiency.


There are many types of insulation that can work well for a crawl space—including fiberglass batting or spray foam—and which one you choose will depend on your budget and climate.

Crawl Space Cleaning Los Gatos

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Vapor Barrier Installation

One additional step you can take to improve your crawl space is to install a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier (or moisture barrier) helps keep moisture from seeping into your home’s foundation walls and floors.


This not only reduces humidity levels in your home but also prevents mold growth from occurring in dark and damp areas like basements or attics.


Installing a vapor barrier is relatively easy; all you need is some plastic sheeting which will help protect against moisture buildup while still allowing air circulation within the crawl space itself. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Encapsulating a crawl space essentially creates a barrier between your living areas and any potential contaminants coming from outside the house or from within the crawl space itself.


This could include radon gas, mold spores, dust mites, pollen, moisture-related issues such as dampness or high humidity levels in addition to pests such as rodents or insects seeking shelter inside your home.


Encapsulating with plastic sheeting prevents these contaminants from entering into living spaces while allowing necessary ventilation for areas where methane gas may be present due to decomposing organic material found beneath homes like wood chips or sawdust (commonly found in older homes).


This type of encapsulation also seals off any openings where cold air can enter in wintertime which helps reduce heating bills throughout those months when temperatures drop below freezing!


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