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Attics, basements, and crawl spaces often become the homes of rodents, who find these dark and secluded areas an ideal place to make their nests. This can be a major problem for homeowners in Palo Alto.


Not only do rodents like rats and mice carry diseases, but they can also cause structural damage to your home by gnawing on wires and insulation materials.


Getting professionals involved can save you time and money while still providing an effective service. When done correctly, they will have access to the latest tools to thoroughly clean your crawl space by applying a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from seeping through the floor where dirt and dust settle over time. 


To keep the pests away from your crawl space, here are some tips from Attic Pros crawl space cleaning in Palo Alto that you should follow. 

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How To Keep Crawl Space Cleaned And Rodent-Free

Rodent infestation can be a major problem for homeowners, especially when it comes to keeping the crawl space clean. Not only do these pesky critters carry diseases, but they can also cause significant damage to your home. Here are 7 tips to keep rodents out of your crawl space. 

1. Seal Up Cracks And Holes

The first step in keeping rodents out of crawl spaces is to seal off any cracks or holes that may be present. This includes all entry points, such as vents and pipes that lead from the exterior into the interior of the home. An added step to the cleaning process is sealing the crawl space floor if needed. 


It’s important to not only seal off these openings but also use appropriate materials for sealing them up, such as metal flashing or steel wool mixed with a caulking compound. Create a vapor barrier over exposed earth by installing heavy plastic sheeting or specially designed vapor barriers that installation experts can create for you. 

2. Set Traps

Once you have sealed off all potential entry points, it’s time to set traps where you think the rodents might be entering your home. This can include both live traps and snap traps that will capture any mice or rats that may be present in the area.


Be sure to check the traps regularly and dispose of any dead rodents properly to avoid leaving a foul odor behind in your home. 

3. Use Repellents

Another way to clean crawl space from rodents is by using repellent products designed specifically for this purpose.


These products often come in a spray form and contain ingredients like peppermint oil which rodents find unpleasant and will help keep them away from your property.

Crawl Space Cleaning Palo Alto

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4 . Remove Food Sources

Rodents are attracted by food sources so if there are any near your crawl space, you must remove them immediately in order to deter them from entering the area.


Make sure any pet food dishes or garbage cans outside are securely sealed and stored away from potential entry points into your home as well so that they don’t attract unwanted visitors inside! 

5 . Eliminate Clutter

Another way to discourage rodents from coming into your crawl space is by eliminating clutter around the area, such as piles of leaves or debris that could provide cover for them while they travel close to your house looking for food sources inside!


Removing these items will make it harder for them to get close enough without being noticed so they will likely stay away altogether!             

6 . Keep a Neat Yard

Maintaining an orderly yard free of debris helps reduce potential hiding spots for rodents near your house which makes it harder for them to access inside via vents or other small openings!


Make sure bushes are trimmed regularly and the grass is mowed regularly as well so there aren’t many places left where they could hide nearby!  

7 . Call Professional Exterminators

Finally, if none of these solutions work or if you have an infestation already present in your home then it’s best to call professional exterminators to clean the crawlspace from mold spores and other pests!


They’ll know exactly how to tackle an issue like this safely and effectively without causing harm to yourself or anyone else living within the vicinity of the infestation!


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