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Dirty Crawl Space? Use Our Crawl Space Cleaning and Rodent Removal Services

Dirty Crawl Space? Use Our Crawl Space Cleaning and Rodent Removal Services

Dirty Crawl Space? Use Our Crawl Space Cleaning Services

Most people have no idea how common it is for households in the United States to have problems with rodents and other pests. Data from the United States government shows that almost 15 million housing units around the country report seeing rodents in a given year!

Crawl space cleaning and rodent removal are part of regular home maintenance. However, if you find the right service, then your first cleaning may help your crawl space stay cleaner for much longer in the future.

A lot of people have questions before they decide to schedule a crawl space cleaning or encapsulation. Other people want to know about the benefits that crawl space or sanitation can provide.

Read on to learn all about the most important things to know about common crawl space cleaning questions and the benefits that crawl space cleaning provides!

Why Is Crawl Space Cleaning Important?

Some people do not make any use of their crawl space. As a result, they wonder if it is even important to keep it clean. No matter how dirty it gets, it won’t affect any of the stuff in their home, right?

Unfortunately, that is not true. There are a number of ways that a dirty crawl space can end up affecting the rest of your home. For example, your crawl space might turn into a place where mold grows.

At that point, the mold spores in your crawl space will start to flow throughout the rest of your home. If people in your home already have allergies, that can activate them or make them worse. If there are children in the home, the presence of chronic mold spores can increase the probability that they develop some kind of respiratory health problem.

Having extra contaminants in the air of your home can also put extra stress on your HVAC system. Your air filters may become clogged more quickly, leading to less efficient heating and cooling of your home. If you have been noticing your energy bills going up, that may be one reason.

How Often Does a Crawl Space Need Cleaning?

On average, a crawl space might need cleaning about once every year. Some people find that an inspection is also sufficient. If you are lucky, your inspection will sometimes show that no cleaning is necessary until the next year.

What Is Crawl Space Sanitation All About?

Crawl spaces sometimes fill up with droppings from rodents. At that point, your crawl space might spread allergens or other unhealthy particles. Even removing the obvious debris from such a crawl space may not solve all of your problems.

In many cases, it is also important to follow up cleaning with sanitation. A powerful sanitizing solution will kill any bacteria that have taken up residence in your crawl space. It may also make it a less habitable place for future rodents or other pests.

Can People Stay in Their Homes During a Crawl Space Cleaning?

Some people are concerned about the inconvenience of crawl space cleaning. They wonder if they will need to leave while it is happening. Some people even wonder if they will need to stay out of their home for hours or even days after the cleaning and sanitation process is complete.

However, most crawl space cleaning jobs are not so serious that the residents of the home need to leave. Unless your crawl space is an exceptional case, you can stay in the home while the cleaning finishes up over the course of a couple of hours or so. However, it is always best to double-check with any crawl space cleaning company you speak with.

How Can You Find the Right Crawl Space Cleaning Company for You?

The most important thing to find in a crawl space cleaning company is that they provide the precise service that you need. Of course, if you don’t know much about crawl space cleaning, you might not know exactly what kind of service you need.

As a result, it is often best to start by looking for a crawl space company that will provide an inspection. Some quality companies will even provide an inspection for free. With an online inspection, you can find out what kind of crawl space cleaning you do or do not need without anyone even needing to visit your home.

It may also be a good idea to look at the ratings and reviews for different crawl space cleaning companies. The more satisfied past customers have been, the better the chance that a crawl space cleaning company will do great work for you as well!

Crawl Space Cleaning Can Repair Pest Damage

A great crawl space cleaning company may also be able to repair past damage from rodents. For example, rodents may have easy access to your crawl space through holes they have created. By filling in such holes, you can decrease the chance that rodents and pests will return to your crawl space later.

Use Lethal or Humane Methods to Trap Rodents

Some people prefer to remove rodents using humane methods to trap them. Not every crawl space cleaning company provides this.

If it is a priority for you, make sure to get clear with any company you consider about what kind of humane techniques they can use to remove rodents from your crawl space.

Install Crawl Space Encapsulation for Extra Protection

Crawl space encapsulation can help keep your crawl space clean for as long as possible. It can also make it easier to clean your crawl space in the future.

Encapsulating your crawl space can also help keep vapor out. That means making your crawl space a poor place for mold and insects to inhabit. Even rodents will have a difficult time getting through a sturdy plastic barrier after encapsulation.

Understand the Importance of Crawl Space Cleaning and Rodent Removal

The more you know about crawl space cleaning and rodent removal, the more you will appreciate how important they are. The simple investments you make today in the safety and cleanliness of your home can make sure that you have a safe and healthy environment to live in.

To learn more about crawl space cleaning and how you can enjoy a free online inspection, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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