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Even the smallest rodent problems can become full-blown infestations when left unaddressed.

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Rodent Problems? Consider Them Solved With Our Rodent Pest Control Solutions

Even the smallest rodent problems can become full-blown infestations when left unaddressed. Over time, infestations can make properties, buildings, homes, farms, and facilities unsafe, turning these places into hotbeds for illnesses and parasites.

Fortunately, this doesn’t need to happen to your property, building, or home. As your partners in rodent pest control, we’re here to eliminate all rodents from your property or structures. As a bonus, we’ll also ensure that your property, home, or building stays rodent-free for the long haul.

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San Francisco Rodent Pest Control Services You Can Trust

At AtticPros, we offer pest control services that are fast, reliable, and affordable. Choose from our top-tier award-winning rodent pest control solutions in the Bay Area:

  • Effective Rodent Control: Our team inspects rodent-infested areas and eliminates all rodents, keeping you, your family, and your household pets safe and sound.
  • Efficient and Safe Rodent Removal: We’re experts in removing mice, rats, and other rodents using industry-standard practices and equipment. This way, we quickly eliminate rodents while keeping you safe.
  • Done-for-You Attic/Crawl Space Rat Removal: Crawl spaces and attics are hard-to-reach areas where rats can gather. We eliminate all pests in these areas with our attic/crawl space rat removal service.
  • Rodent-Proofing and Cleaning That Keep Rats Away: Our team cleans up rat-infested areas and ensures that rates don’t return to wreak havoc.
  • Safe and Sanitary Dead Rodent Removals: We remove dead rodents that can be sources of unpleasant odors and pathogens.
  • Rodent Extermination: Say goodbye to all rodents in your building or property. Our extermination services are extensive, leaving no area susceptible to rodent infestations.

We’re a call away if you need any of the above services. Contact us now, and let’s talk about making — and keeping — your spaces rodent-free.

Rodent Pest Control With a Proven Track Record

We take pride in servicing homeowners and business owners in San Francisco and other nearby parts of the Bay Area. We have one of the most trusted rodent pest control solutions due to our commitment to quality services and customer satisfaction.

Our clients receive nothing but a comprehensive and lasting solution to their rodent problems, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Check out our numerous five-star reviews and see what our past clients have to say about our services.

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How We Work

Our rodent pest control services follow a three-step process:


Our team cleans and disinfects your home to eliminate rats and 99.9% of the parasites they brought.


We seal entry points to ensure that rodents don’t enter your property, home, or building again.


Insulation adds a second layer of protection to your home, property, or building.

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When you choose AtticPros, you get a pest control partner that:

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  • Offers a one-year service warranty
  • Prices transparently

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