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Foundation Repair Experts in the San Francisco Bay Area

Foundation repair is a serious undertaking that needs certified experts on the job. Only qualified experts can identify the problem, diagnose the cause, and deliver reliable solutions. Attic Pros is the certified professional for your next property improvement project.

Our team of experts can provide detailed foundation repair services for residential and commercial property owners in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Let our team of experts protect your building against the dangers of damaged foundations.

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Common Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Are you unsure whether you need to call a foundation repair professional to fix your property? Watch out for these interior and exterior signs of foundation damage.

  • Uneven floors: Your floors may be sloping, which is a sign of sinking or settling foundations. Floor slabs that settle unevenly can also lead to large, unsightly, and dangerous cracks.
  • Jammed doors and windows: Sinking floors from an uneven foundation can warp window and door frames, making them hard to close and open.
  • Tilted chimney: Foundation damage can affect the top of your house and leave your chimney at an angle, risking exhaust issues.
  • Wall cracks: Your property’s interior and exterior walls can suffer from an uneven foundation by cracking at the weakest areas, particularly near doors and windows.
  • Water damage: When walls crack due to foundation damage, water can find its way into your home or building and cause further damage.
Foundation Repair Experts in the San Francisco Bay Area
Foundation Repair Experts in the San Francisco Bay Area

Benefits of Foundation Repair

With professional foundation repair services, you can:
Enjoy your property by knowing you are in a safe, damage-free space.

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The Attic Pros Foundation Repair Process

Our seasoned professionals developed a process that we have proven to be successful. With Attic Pros handling your foundation repair, we will:
Foundation Repair Experts in the San Francisco Bay Area

Why You Should Let Attic Pros Repair Your Property’s Foundation

Our experts at Attic Pros are:

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We proudly serve property owners across the San Francisco Bay Area. Our satisfied clients recognize the excellence we deliver in every project and submitted testimonials. Check out some here.

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