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Based on 863 Google reviews

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Benefits of Insulation Installers:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable solution
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Protection against pests and rodents
  • Long-lasting insulation solutions
  • Expert installation techniques
  • Customized insulation solutions tailored to your home
  • Compliance with building codes and regulations
  • Professional assessment and recommendations
  • Savings on heating and cooling expenses


An Important Reminder: Don’t Risk Inadequate Insulation by Attempting DIY Installation.


Don’t rely on inefficient DIY solutions products that won’t effectively address your home’s insulation needs. Choose Attic Pros, the trusted experts in insulation installation, for a comprehensive and long-lasting solution that will enhance your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Call us now!


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When you book your free consultation with our expert insulation installers at Attic Pros, you can expect a comprehensive range of services designed to assess and address your insulation needs. Here’s what we provide during our free inspection:


  • Thorough Assessment: Our experienced team will conduct a detailed inspection of your attic space, examining the current insulation, ventilation, and potential issues that may impact your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Customized Recommendations: Based on our assessment, we provide personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs.
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis: As part of our inspection process, we evaluate your home’s energy usage patterns.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our experts will discuss the various insulation options available to you, explaining the benefits and characteristics of each type.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: During the inspection, we prioritize your attic space’s overall health and safety.
  • Transparent Explanations and Answers: We believe in open communication and want you to understand the entire process clearly.
  • Free Estimate: Following the inspection, we provide a detailed, no-obligation estimate for the recommended insulation services.


Invest in your home’s energy efficiency with Attic Pros. Our insulation installers are committed to helping you save on utility costs while enhancing the comfort of your living spaces. By upgrading your insulation, you’ll enjoy a cooler home in summer, warmer winters, and reduced energy waste. Take control of your energy bills and schedule your free consultation today!

Insulation Installation for New Construction Projects

Insulation installation for new construction projects is crucial in ensuring energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings for the building occupants. Here are some important considerations and steps involved in the insulation installation process:

Building Codes And Regulations

Familiarize yourself with local building codes and regulations regarding insulation requirements. Different areas may have specific guidelines that dictate the type, thickness, and R-value (thermal resistance) of insulation needed for various building components.

Insulation Materials

Various types of insulation materials are available, including fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, spray foam, and rigid foam. Each material has its advantages and considerations, such as cost, R-value, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and ease of installation. Choose the appropriate insulation material based on the specific needs of the project.

Building Envelope

Identify the areas of the building where insulation is required. Common areas for insulation include walls, ceilings, floors, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Pay attention to gaps, seams, and penetrations, as they can be potential air leakage and heat transfer points.

Vapor Barriers

In some climates, vapor barriers may be necessary to prevent moisture buildup within the building envelope. Vapor barriers are typically installed on the warm side of the insulation, facing the interior of the building, to prevent warm, moist air from reaching the colder surfaces where condensation can occur. Follow local building codes and guidelines to determine if a vapor barrier is required and where it should be placed.

Air Sealing

In addition to insulation, proper air sealing is essential for energy efficiency and preventing drafts. Seal gaps, cracks, and openings around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and plumbing penetrations using caulk, weatherstripping, and other appropriate sealing materials. This helps minimize air leakage and enhances the effectiveness of insulation.

Quality Control And Inspections

Regular inspections during the insulation installation process are important to ensure that the work meets the required standards. Inspect the insulation for proper coverage, compression, and alignment. Conduct blower door tests and thermal imaging scans to detect any air leaks or insulation gaps that must be addressed.

Documentation and Certifications

Keep detailed records of the insulation installation, including the type, thickness, and R-value of insulation used and any additional measures taken, such as air sealing or vapor barriers. This documentation can be helpful for energy audits, certifications (such as LEED or ENERGY STAR), and future maintenance or renovations.


It’s essential to consult with professionals experienced in insulation installation and follow local building codes and guidelines to ensure that the insulation is installed correctly and meets the required energy efficiency and comfort standards.

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"They did exactly what they said they would do. Polite people at all levels. Nico explained what they could do with our problem..."

Anna Gabriela Mendoza

Asked Questions

Insulation installation in new construction projects is crucial for energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings. It helps to regulate temperature, reduce heat loss or gain, prevent air leakage, and enhance the overall thermal performance of the building.

The insulation choice depends on local climate, building codes, budget, and specific project requirements. Common insulation materials include fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, spray foam, and rigid foam.

Attic Pros can provide expertise in insulation installation for new construction projects. They can help determine the appropriate insulation type, provide professional installation services, ensure compliance with local building codes, conduct inspections, and offer guidance on energy efficiency and comfort optimization.

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