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Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable: Whole House Fan Installation

Whole House Fan Installation

Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable: Whole House Fan Installation

The global fan industry is worth $10 billion today, and for good reason. A quality-built fan installation can help you keep your household cool so that you have plenty of airflow and keep the temperatures low.

You can purchase a standard fan that will keep a room cool, or you can go all in with a whole house fan that spreads the cooling power around. There are many benefits to these fans, along with pros that can assist you. So, what should you keep in mind?

Here’s what you should know about getting a whole house fan installation.

The Benefits of a Whole House Fan

A whole house fan is installed into your attic, pushes hot air out of your vents, and pulls cool air into your household from any open doors and windows. The result gives you a cool home without having to run a traditional air conditioning system.

So, what makes a whole house fan such an excellent purchase? Many people look into an attic fan installation as a primary or backup method of cooling their households. They enjoy plenty of advantages by doing so, including:

It’s an Efficient Form of Cooling

When you install a whole house fan, you will appreciate just how useful and efficient it is at cooling your household. You can hire an attic fan installer that can set it up to accommodate different needs.

Having an efficient form of cooling in your home is especially helpful in Oakland and the Bay Area as a whole since the area isn’t a stranger to hot summers and heat advisories. The better you heat your home, the more relaxed you’ll be during these months.

You Get Quality Attic Ventilation

You’ll also appreciate the ventilation that your attic will receive when you install a whole house fan. This is particularly important because heat rises in your home and can cause swelling and other forms of damage to your attic insulation and roofing materials. Having one of these fans installed will protect your home’s R-Values and make it so your home is more thermally efficient.

Make sure to get an attic inspection every year or two to know where it stands, and to get some work done if necessary. This will let you know how your attic is holding up and whether you need to re-evaluate your installation. In many cases, a fan installer can provide this work for you.

Whole House Fans Can Lower Your Bills

These fans are helpful because they use a fraction of the energy that your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system uses.

Approximately 90% of households today use air conditioning. It’s by far one of the biggest energy expenditures that people have to account for each year – particularly when the summertime months roll around. If you get a fan install professional out to your home, they can help you reduce your energy bills each month so that you lower your expenses.

Anytime you make these sorts of green-friendly decisions, you’re always helping yourself lower your carbon footprint. If you’re a person that is environmentally conscious and looking for a way to reduce waste, installing one of these fans can be just what you need.

Types of Whole House Fans

Now that you know the benefit of these whole house fans, start considering what type you want. This is a decision based on both style and function. Here are some options that you can look into:

  • Remote controlled whole house fans
  • Direct drive whole house fans
  • Insulated door fans
  • Belt-driven whole house fans

Aside from the style, make sure to get measurements for the fan to make sure that it’s large enough to cool your home. This means measuring your home’s square footage and deciding what works best for your living space.

Finding a Fan Installer

Since this equipment is sophisticated and relies on natural processes to help you keep your home cool, you must reach out to some professionals that can address the work for you correctly. Many professionals that specialize in HVAC work can also install a whole house fan for you.

Look into associations and organizations for indoor air quality and cooling, in addition to checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for a list of qualified pros. Reach out to other homeowners that you know that have gotten some cooling work done in their households so that they can point you toward the contractors that they did business with.

When you choose a credible company, you can count on them handling the project for you correctly, and making sure that the installation is addressed with care from start to finish.

Booking Your Fan Installation Project

Once you’ve found the best professional for the job, reach out for a consultation on the work. These pros will look at your living space and take measurements so that you have a clear idea of the fan you’ll need. They’ll explain the process to you and will also give you a cost quote for the work.

Installing a whole house fan might cost you $600 to $1,200 in most cases. Ask a professional if they also offer warranties on their work, and make sure to regularly get your fan cleaned, inspected, and repaired whenever necessary.

Look Into Whole House Fan Installation Work

The tips above will help you out with whole house fan installation work. These fans accomplish much of the same thing that you’ll get from an air conditioning system, at a fraction of the cost and effort.

The Attic Pros have been around for years and would be glad to help you out with whatever sort of installation you’re looking for. To learn more about our projects and to get a free estimate on our work, get in touch online or give us a call at (800)543-0382.

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