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If you notice a mouse in your San Francisco home, there may be more hiding somewhere. Attic Pros is your local expert in identifying the root of your mouse problem and eliminating it completely.

Our team quickly, efficiently, and effectively controls mice populations in houses — before they become too hard to manage. We understand how mice behave and can ensure that your family enjoys living in a pest-free household. Contact our professional mice control team now!

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Do You Have a Mouse Problem? Watch Out for These Signs of House Mice

Mice are much smaller than other common household rodents, particularly rats. It can be hard to spot them before it’s too late. They might already have built a big nest, exposing your family to the diseases they carry. Look out for these signs of mouse infestations:

  • Droppings: Look for small rodent droppings in your pantry, drawers, or cupboards.
  • Chewed packaging: Keep watch of the food packaging in your cabinets for signs of nibbling on the corners.
  • Nesting material: Check your home for any dried plants or shredded fabric that mice can use to build nests.
  • Small holes: Watch out for holes that mice might have chewed through your floors or walls to enter your home.
  • Stale odor: Pay attention to any foul animal smells coming from your ceilings.

Are any of these signs familiar? Mice may have found their way into your home. Call our mice control experts in the San Francisco Bay Area today!

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Discover the Benefits of Our Mice Control Services

At Attic Pros, we offer comprehensive mice control services that can help you:
We customize our mouse control solutions according to your circumstances. You can rest assured that we are fully equipped to handle the scale of your situation. Call us to discuss your needs now.

How Mice Control Works: Discover the Attic Pros Method

Our mice control experts at Attic Pros follow a foolproof process for eliminating mouse infestations in any home. You can count on us to:

Inspect your attic and crawl space for any mouse infiltrations

Seal all entryways that we discover

Eliminate mice that got in and stop any from coming back

This process is customizable according to your unique needs. Let us know about your goals for mice control!
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With professional mice control by Attic Pros, you can:

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