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How To Discourage Mice From Hiding In Your Home 


Mice can be a serious problem in any home, and getting rid of them can be a tricky task. To get rid of mice, you first have to find them – but this is easier said than done. Mice are masterful hiders and they will do whatever they can to avoid detection.

So, what scares mice out of hiding? Let’s take a look at some methods that have proven successful in discouraging mice from making themselves comfortable in your home. 

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This may seem like an obvious solution, but mousetraps are quite effective for deterring mice from taking up residence in your home. Not only does the trap catch the mouse, but it also serves as a deterrent for other mice that might be considering setting up camp in your house.

When placing traps, make sure to put them close to areas where you’ve seen or heard evidence of mice activity, such as droppings or scurrying sounds.

It’s best to place multiple traps around the house so that if one mouse is caught, others will be discouraged from taking its place. 


Foul Smells 

Mice are sensitive creatures who don’t particularly enjoy strong smells. While it might not be pleasant for you either, using products with pungent odors such as peppermint oil or ammonia-based cleaners can help discourage mice from entering or staying in your home.

The key here is consistency; keep using these products regularly and eventually, the smell will become too strong for even the hardiest of rodents.

Additionally, using fabric softener sheets near entry points could also serve as an effective deterrent against pests such as mice and roaches. 


Noise Deterrents 

Another way to scare away unwanted visitors is by using noise deterrents such as ultrasonic sound devices or strobe lights. These devices emit high-frequency sounds or flashes of light that are designed to repel rodents without bothering humans too much (if at all).

While these devices aren’t always 100% effective at keeping pests away permanently, they can act as an additional layer of protection when used alongside other methods such as mousetraps and foul smells. 


Do You Offer Free Estimate For Wildlife Control In Homestead Valley?

Yes, absolutely! Our pest control company, located in Homestead Valley, offers free estimates for wildlife control. We specialize in providing rapid, humane removal and prevention services for a variety of nuisance animal species.

What Are Bait Stations?

Bait stations are containment units used in pest control solutions. These contain bait, usually a form of pesticide or poison which is then ingested by pests when they enter the station.

How To Get Rid Of A Mouse Problem?

The best way to get rid of a mouse problem is to call a pest control expert. Many local pest control companies specialize in rodent removal and can provide effective solutions tailored to your situation. 

What Is Rodent Proofing?

Rodent proofing is the process of sealing off any entry points, such as cracks and crevices, that common pests like rats and mice can use to gain access to a home or business. Our team at Attic Pros offers on-time service for rodent proofing – ensuring your property remains safe and pest-free!


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