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Mice can cause significant problems in homes and businesses, leading to costly repairs and potential health risks. Mice are known to spread disease and contaminate food sources due to their inclination for unsanitary nesting habits. In addition, they can damage furniture, insulation, and wiring with their ever-growing teeth. Therefore, residents of Antioch County need to take the necessary steps to control mice populations in their area. Pest control services in Antioch can help ensure your property is kept safe and free of rodents.

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What Kind Of Damage Can Mice Cause To Your Home?

Mice are a nuisance in any home and can cause various problems. Not only do they leave droppings throughout your house, but they also chew on wires, wooden furniture, and drywall. This can lead to costly repairs or replacements if the problem isn’t addressed quickly. Mice can even spread disease, contaminating your food and surfaces with their urine or feces. Pest control service can help eliminate mouse populations by using traps, baits, and other methods.


Tips For Controlling Mice

Here are some simple tips for general pest control in Antioch:


  1. Seal off any entry points to your home or business. Mice can squeeze through cracks and openings as small as 1/4 inch, so check for gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and other potential entry points.
  2. Keep food sealed and stored properly. Dispose of garbage in tightly closed containers and immediately wipe up crumbs that spill onto the floor.
  3. Remove clutter inside and outside of your home or business where mice might find shelter. Ensure firewood is stored up and away from the building, and trim back any overgrown vegetation near your property.
  4. Set out traps or bait stations where you’ve seen signs of mice activity. Place them alongside walls and in areas where droppings were found since this is likely an area they frequent.

Attic Pros Pest can help you address your rodent problems. We provide effective solutions and treatments to eliminate mice quickly and efficiently. We’re the best pest control solution in Antioch, so give us a call today!


Does Antioch Have Laws Regulating Mouse Control? 

Yes, the city of Antioch has several ordinances in place to regulate mouse control. These regulations include requiring property owners to take reasonable steps to reduce the number of mice living on their property and specifying certain methods for dealing with infestations.

Are There Any Natural Ways Of Controlling Mice? 

Yes! In addition to traditional traps and rodenticides, you can use several natural alternatives to help manage mouse populations on your property. Planting mint around foundation walls is a popular method for deterring rodents since they dislike the smell.

What Should I Do If I Find A Dead Mouse On My Property? 

If you find a dead mouse on your property, properly dispose of the body as soon as possible. Place the carcass in two layers of plastic bags, seal it tightly and discard it in an outdoor trash receptacle. Home pest control can also help you identify and address other potential signs of mouse activity.


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