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Pest control in Concord is important in maintaining residents’ safe and healthy living environment. Mice control is especially important due to the ability of mice to spread diseases, damage property, and contaminate food sources. Several preventive measures can be taken to prevent mouse infestation in Concord homes and businesses. These include sealing entry points; removing debris from around buildings; trapping or baiting mice; and using repellents or other methods to discourage mice from entering.


Professional pest control services can also provide effective solutions for eliminating existing problems with mice infestations. General pest control needs vary from home to home, and our experienced technicians can work with you to ensure the best possible solution for your needs.


At Attic Pros, we specialize in providing the best pest control services tailored to our customers’ needs. Our experienced technicians have years of experience helping eliminate mouse infestations from Concord homes and businesses. Other pest control companies may try to use chemical treatments or ineffective methods for eliminating mice, but at Attic Pros, we use only the most advanced and effective solutions.

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What Keeps Mice Out Of Your House?

Mice can be a nuisance in your home and require immediate control. Taking precautionary steps is the best way to keep mice out of your house. Here are some tips for mice and pest prevention from entering your home:

Seal All Entry Points

Check around windows, doors, vents, and plumbing areas for any potential openings that may allow rodents access into your home. Use caulking or weather stripping to seal these entry points.

Clean Up Clutter

Mice like dark places that offer cover, so clean up clutter inside and outside of the house. Make sure to store firewood at least 20 feet away from the structure.

Reduce Food Sources

Store food in airtight containers to keep rodents from accessing it. Sweep up crumbs and spills immediately. Ensure pet food is stored securely and only offer enough for one meal.

Use Bait Boxes

Place bait boxes near entry points or areas where mice are seen active. Monitor the boxes regularly to ensure no signs of rodents inside.


Are There Alternatives To Using Poison For Mouse Control?

Yes, there are several alternatives to using poison for mouse control in Concord. Trapping, exclusion, and habitat modification are non-toxic methods of mouse control that can be used instead of poison.

What Types Of Exclusion Can I Use To Keep Mice Out?

Exclusion is one of the most effective ways to keep mice out of your property. You can do this by sealing up cracks and crevices with steel wool or caulking and installing weather stripping around windows and doors.

Do I Need To Hire A Professional For Mouse Control?

It is recommended that homeowners hire a professional for mouse control in Concord. Pest control company technicians are trained to properly identify and treat mouse infestations and take steps to prevent future mice from entering your property.


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