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How To Spot A Mice Infestation In Your Home 


Mice infestations can be a major nuisance in your home, and if left unchecked, the damage they cause can quickly become costly. Knowing the signs of an infestation and how to spot them is key to controlling the problem early on. Here are some common signs that you may have a mouse infestation in your home. 

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Mice droppings are one of the first indicators of an infestation. Droppings can range from black to brownish-gray depending on age and size and usually measure about 1/4 inch long. They are often found near food sources or areas where mice nest, such as behind appliances or in closets. If you find droppings, you should clean them up immediately with gloves and a mask to avoid exposure to any potential pathogens. 

Gnaw Marks 

Mice have sharp teeth that they use to gnaw through wood, plastic, cardboard, and other materials. If you see gnaw marks around your home, this could be a sign that there are mice present. These marks will often be small but distinct, so it’s important to carefully inspect any areas where mice may have been nesting or entering your home. 


Mice tend to leave behind an unpleasant smell due to their urine and droppings. If you notice an unusual odor coming from certain parts of your home, this could be a sign that there is a mouse problem lurking beneath the surface. It’s important to act quickly if you detect any strange odors as this could indicate an advanced stage of infestation. 


How To Select Pest Control Company?

When it comes to selecting a pest control company, the most important factor is to ensure that they have the experience and expertise necessary to provide adequate pest control services. When researching prospective companies, consider their reputation in the industry as well as any awards or certifications they may have attained. Ask for references from past customers who can vouch for their quality of service.

What Is The Main Cause Of Bed Bugs?

The main cause of bed bugs is the lack of proper pest control measures. If you’re looking for an effective way to reduce or eliminate this problem, then it is best to consult professional pest control companies who can assess your home, identify any potential infestations, and focus their extermination efforts on getting rid of these pests.

Do You Offer Termite Control At Attic Pros?

Yes, we do offer termite control services! We are the best pest control service with specialized training in the detection, identification, and treatment of termite infestations. Our treatments utilize proven methods to target and eliminate termites, while also helping protect your home from future infestations. 

What Is Rodent Proofing?

Rodent proofing is a method of controlling the presence and population of rodents in a given area. It involves sealing off entry points, eliminating food sources, and making other structural modifications to make the space less appealing for rodent activity. A professional rodent control service will identify potential entry points for rodents and then inspect for any existing rodents within the structure before creating a sealed barrier to prevent them from returning. 


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