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Where To Look For Mice In Your Home?


Mice can be a nuisance in any home, and if not taken care of, they can spread disease and cause damage to your property. Knowing where they like to hide is key to quickly solving your mouse problem. Read on to learn more about the common places mice like to hide in the home.

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Kitchens are a prime spot for mice because they have easy access to food. They will often seek out pantries or cabinets that contain items such as cereals, flour, sugar, and other grains. If possible, inspect behind appliances such as stoves or refrigerators; these areas tend to be very attractive to rodents looking for warmth or shelter. You should also check behind drawers and shelves since these provide great hiding spots for mice. 


Basements are also common places for mice infestations. The basement offers them plenty of hiding places since it is often cluttered with boxes and furniture that make great nesting spots. Be sure to inspect pipes, ducts, and walls since these are all potential entry points for mice looking for a way into your house. It’s also important to check under furniture as well as any nooks or crannies you might find in the basement; these can be favorite places of mice looking for warmth or protection from predators. 

Attics Or Crawl Space

Attics are another place where rodents like to nest because they offer plenty of space and insulation from outdoor elements such as cold temperatures and rain. Inspect around beams, rafters, and vents since these provide easy access points for rodents trying to get inside your home. Be sure to look around storage boxes as well; these often become homes for mice looking for a cozy spot away from human activity in the house.  


What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to general pest control that uses a variety of tactics to reduce or eliminate the need for chemical pesticides. IPM relies on natural and cultural methods, such as good sanitation practices and habitat manipulation, as well as other preventative measures like traps, insect monitoring, and physical barriers. 

Do You Offer Commercial Pest Control Services At Attic Pros San Ramon CA?

Yes, Attic Pros San Ramon Ca offers the best pest control services and solutions. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians that specialize in eliminating all types of pests from your property safely and effectively.

What Is The Effective Method For Rodent Control?

The most effective method for rodent control is to hire a pest control company. A reputable company will have the necessary tools and expertise to safely eliminate rodents from your property, as well as an understanding of their behavior and habits. Additionally, pest control companies can recommend preventative measures such as removing any food sources or debris areas where rodents may congregate and destroying nests if present.

Do You Offer Free Estimate For Bed Bugs And Termite Control?

Yes, we do offer free estimates for bed bugs and termite control! Our pest management professionals have years of experience dealing with these pests and will provide a thorough assessment and free inspection to determine the severity of the infestation. 

What Is Pest Infestation?

Pest infestation is the presence of pests in large numbers, usually resulting in economic or health damage. Pests can cause destruction to crops and property, spread diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, and create an uncomfortable living environment.


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