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How To Effectively Clean Crawl Spaces From Mice 


If you’ve ever had mice in your home, you know how disconcerting it can be. Not only do they leave behind droppings, but they also tend to nest and chew through wires and other materials.

One of the most common areas for mice infestations is the crawl space beneath your home. To make sure that your family remains safe and healthy, it’s important to know how to effectively clean up these tiny invaders.

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Step 1: Identify The Source Of Your Problem

The first step in cleaning up a mouse infestation is to identify where they are coming from. This is often easier said than done since mice can squeeze into extremely small spaces. If you suspect that your problem is coming from outside, inspect around foundation walls and vents for signs of entry points.

If you think the mice are coming from inside, look for signs of chewing on food packages or droppings in cupboards or drawers. Once you have identified the source of your problem, you can move on to step two. 

Step 2: Determine If Mice Are Still Present

Once you’ve identified the source of your problem, it’s time to determine if there are still any mice present in your crawl space. You can use traps or bait stations to catch living mice, as well as look for droppings or nests that may indicate their presence.

If there are still live mice present, it’s important to take action quickly before their numbers increase or they spread further into other parts of your home. 

Step 3: Clean Up Droppings & Nest Materials 

Once all live mice have been removed from the area (or if no live mice were present), it’s time to clean up any droppings or nesting materials left behind by them.

It is important not to touch these materials directly since they can carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella and hantavirus.

Instead, wear rubber gloves and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter attachment to suck up any debris left behind by the rodents. Dispose of this material safely according to local regulations once finished cleaning up so that no further risk is posed by having them around your home or yard. 


How To Remove Dreaded Dead Rat Smell?

The first step in getting rid of a dead rat smell is to identify the source and remove it. This will involve locating the corpse and disposing of it properly. If you are unable to locate the corpse, or if it is inaccessible, then you can hire a pest control service to take care of this for you. 

What Is Insulation Removal?

Insulation removal is the process of removing old or damaged insulation from a home to improve energy efficiency, air quality, and pest control. The process may involve vacuuming, washing, or scraping away existing material, and then replacing it with new insulation. In some cases, pest control companies may be needed to remove any animals that have made their homes in the existing insulation. 

In Which Areas do You Offer Pest Control Services?

We offer professional pest control services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including the cities of San Francisco, North Bay, San Rafael, and San Anselmo.

Do You Offer Rodent Service At Attic Pros?

Absolutely! Attic Pros is a local family-owned business specializing in rodent control services. We use the latest advanced technology and techniques to ensure the best possible removal of rodents from attics, basements, garages, and other areas around your home or business.


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