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What Professional Exterminators Do To Get Rid Of Mice 


The sight of a mouse scurrying across your floor is enough to make your skin crawl. It’s no wonder that people want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But how do exterminators get rid of mice? It’s not as simple as just setting out some traps and hoping for the best. Professional exterminators have a range of strategies and techniques they use to eradicate the rodent problem from your home or business. 

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The first step any exterminator takes before beginning extermination services is an inspection of the premises. This is done to identify where the rodents are entering, where they are living, and what kind of damage they have caused. This information helps the exterminator come up with an effective plan for getting rid of them. 


Once a  thorough inspection has been completed, it’s time to start trapping the mice. Exterminators can use a variety of traps, including snap traps, glue boards, and live traps. The type used will depend on the size and number of mice in your home or business and the exterminator’s preference. Once placed, these traps should be checked regularly so that any caught mice can be removed quickly and humanely. 

Exclusion Work 

In addition to trapping, professional exterminators will also perform exclusion work on your property. This involves blocking off any entry points that mice could be used to enter your home or business such as cracks in walls or gaps around windows or doors. Exclusion work ensures that once all the existing mice have been removed, there won’t be any more coming in from outside sources.  


Mice can leave behind dangerous diseases and bacteria which need to be sanitized to keep people safe from illness or infection. Professional exterminators will use advanced cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning carpets or furniture and chemical treatments on hard surfaces to kill any potential pathogens left behind by rodents. 

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What Services Does Attic Pros Berkeley Pest Control Offer For Residential And Commercial Properties?

Attic Pros Berkeley Pest Control offers a variety of residential and commercial pest control services, including wasp nest removal, and prevention, cockroach extermination, spider webs and egg sacs removal, and rodent exclusion. 

Is Alley Cat Helpful In The Removal Of Rodent Problem?

Yes, Alley Cat is an effective way to rodent control from your home or property. It involves trapping, removal, and relocation of the rodents away from the site.

The benefit of using this approach is that it provides a humane alternative to chemicals or poisons which may harm other wildlife or pets in your area. 

How To Clean Crawl Space From Rodent Infestation?

The best way to clean the crawl space from a rodent infestation is to first identify where the rodents are entering and then seal off all possible entry points with materials like steel wool, mesh wire, or metal flashing.

Once entry points are sealed off, use a vacuum cleaner or shop vac with a HEPA filter attached to it to vacuum up any nesting material and droppings left behind by the rodents. 

How To Control Ant Infestation?

If you’re looking to control an ant infestation, the best option would be to contact a professional pest control company. They can identify the species of ant that has invaded your home and come up with a plan for how to eliminate them.

A pest control service also recommends insecticides or other treatments such as baiting or exclusion methods like sealing cracks and crevices so ants can’t get in your home. 


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