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How To Keep Your Home Or Office Mice-Free


Seal All Cracks And Gaps 

Mice can squeeze through incredibly small spaces, so it’s important to make sure your home or office is sealed up tight. Inspect the perimeter of your building for any cracks, gaps, or holes, and seal them up with caulk or steel wool. This will help keep mice from getting into your building in the first place. 

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Keep Your Property Clean 

Mice are attracted to clutter, so it’s important to keep your property clean and tidy. Make sure all areas are free of debris, including closets and storage spaces where mice may hide during the day. Also, make sure food is stored away properly; if left out in the open, mice may be attracted to it.    


Utilize Traps 

If you already have a mouse problem on your hands, traps are an effective way to get rid of them quickly. Make sure you use humane traps that will not harm the mice—this way you can release them into the wild without worrying about their well-being. It’s also important to check traps regularly so that any mice caught inside don’t suffer needlessly due to neglect. 

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How Do You Deal With A Mouse Infestation In Napa County? 

Handling a mouse infestation can be a daunting task, but Attic Pros is here to help. Our top pest control services in Napa are designed to locate and remove any rodent problem swiftly and safely. Plus, our locally-owned pest control company provides free inspection so you would know exactly what we’re dealing with before you proceed with the extermination. So don’t hesitate – to contact us for a thorough inspection.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Proper Insulation Installation? 

Insulation installation provides numerous benefits, such as improved energy efficiency, comfort, and air quality, as well as effective pest control. Pest eliminators can work with insulation to control bed bugs, bettering a home’s crawl space without the use of chemicals. By installing insulation correctly and enlisting the help of a pest control service, any homeowner can have peace of mind knowing their space is safe and secure.

Are There Any Home Remedies That Can Be Effective For Rodent Removal In Napa Ca? 

One home remedy that can be effective for rodent removal is to use peppermint oil. Not only does the scent have a strong repellant effect on rodents but it also leaves your home with a pleasant aroma.

Do You Offer Wildlife Control?

Do you have a pesky wildlife issue in your attic? Look no further than Attic Pros – we offer top-tier wildlife control services. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of animal removal specialists is here to provide you with peace of mind, as well as a safe and humane way of dealing with any nuisance animals in your home. 

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Termite Damage? 

The most common signs of termite damage include crumbling wood, pinpoint holes in drywall or wood, and hollowed or damaged wood. If you notice any of these signs of termite damage in your home, it is highly recommended that you seek professional termite services as soon as possible. Doing so will minimize overall damage and stop termites from spreading further into your home.


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