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Rat Control Brentwood

Common Types Of Rats In Brentwood

Brentwood is home to a variety of rat species, the most common of which are Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats are large brown rodents with a thick body that grows up to 8-10 inches long. They have small ears, blunt noses, and small eyes.


The roof rat is smaller than the Norway rat, typically growing only 6-7 inches long. Roof rats are mostly found in attics and near the roofline of homes. They have large ears, pointed noses, and larger eyes than Norway rats.


Brentwood has become increasingly plagued by a large number of infestations, including bed bugs and subterranean termites. Bed bugs can cause a great deal of distress to their victims, while subterranean termites can cause major damage to any nesting materials they manage to feast on.

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Early Signs You Might Need Rodent Control Services

If you have a rat infestation and are looking for signs that it’s time to hire rodent control services, there are a few key indicators. One of the main signs is rodent droppings in your home or yard. This could mean they’re nesting inside and their population has grown significantly.


If you notice gnawed holes in stored goods, like boxes of cereal and pet food, this is another warning sign that rodents have moved in. The experts at Attic Pros Brentwood pest control can assess your home for an infestation and provide swift and effective rodent control services so you can get back to normal quickly.

What To Do For Rodent Exclusion?

Rodent exclusion is an essential part of rat control and rodent proof, and a pest management professional can be contacted to assess the degree of the rodent infestation. Rat exterminators are experts in identifying potential entry points for rodents, such as holes, cracks, vents, and gaps.


As rats can fit through openings as small as a quarter inch in size, any breach of security should be addressed immediately. To mitigate the risk of recurring pest problems, these spaces or entry points should then be sealed off by a qualified technician.


A combination of exclusion techniques like one-way door systems and proper sanitization practices aid rat control specialists in preventing further occurrence of rodent intrusions.

Tips To Avoid Future Infestations

The importance of rat-proofing homes and protecting for from future infestations cannot be overstated. Rats can carry diseases, create damage to property, and contaminate food.


To keep rats outside and avoid future rat problems in your home, start by locating possible entry points such as openings around windows and vents, loose siding, or holes in roofs or foundations.


Take a proactive approach by rat-proofing these areas; This may involve sealing cracks with caulk or wire mesh. Also preemptive measures like proper food storage, no accumulation of debris, and comfortable rat-proof composters can reduce the attractiveness of your house for rats.

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What Services Does Attic Pros Pest Control Brentwood Provide?

Brentwood Pest Control provides rodent exclusion, baiting and trapping, sanitation recommendations, and more to get rid of rats in your home. We also offer a variety of other pest control services, including bed bug removal, subterranean termite treatments, and bird-dropping cleanup. Contact us today for a free consultation!

How Do I Prevent Rat Problems?

To help prevent rodent problems from occurring, seal off entry points around your home and keep food in airtight containers. It is also important to regularly check for signs of any pests and take preventive measures such as using proper sanitation practices and eliminating any clutter or debris that can attract rodents.

How Is Rat Bite Fever Treated?

Treatment for rat bite fever typically involves antibiotics such as amoxicillin-clavulanic acid or doxycycline. Patients may also be advised to take ibuprofen for pain relief if necessary. It is important for patients to finish their course of antibiotics even if they feel better before it is complete in order to ensure that all of the bacteria have been eliminated from the body and prevent relapse.


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