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Rat Control San Lorenzo CA

Dealing With Unwanted Pests And Rats In Your Home 

For those living in the Bay Area, Redwood city, and San Lorenzo specifically, keeping pest infestations and rodents out of your property is no small task! While there are many chemical products available for purchase to combat these critters, not everyone wants to resort to using these products.


Thankfully, there are natural and safe alternatives that can help reduce the chances of a pest or rodent problem. Here are some tips for keeping pests and rats away from your home that you can do yourself. 

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Preventative Measures For Rat Problem:

One of the best ways to keep rats and other pests from entering your home is to make sure that they don’t have any access points in the first place. This means checking around windows, doors, vents, pipes, and any other openings in the house for holes or cracks that could be used as entry points.

Cleaning Up:

Another way to keep pests away is by making sure that you keep up with regular cleaning inside and outside of your home. Rats love areas where they can find food scraps or crumbs so keeping things clean will make it less attractive for them to come inside looking for food.


The same applies to standing water; if you have any puddles or wet patches on your property then this could attract a variety of unwanted insects as well as larger animals like rats who may be searching for a new source of water during drought periods.     

Natural Solutions:

If you don’t feel comfortable using chemical-based solutions around your home then there are some natural alternatives available as well. There are several plants that produce pest-repelling aromas, such as lavender, rosemary, mint, and marigold which can be planted along the perimeter of your yard in order to discourage certain types of pests from coming close enough to enter your house.


Additionally, using essential oils such as peppermint oil or tea tree oil around entry points can also create a barrier against unwanted visitors while being safe enough to use indoors without having long-term effects on humans or pets living in the house with you. 

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What Methods Do You Use To Control Pests? 

At Attic Pros, we take pest control very seriously. We use a variety of methods to keep your attic free from pests and other unwanted critters. Our expert service includes sealing entry points, proper ventilation, removal of debris, cleaning out nesting sites, and applying insecticides if necessary. 


To ensure ongoing pest control services, we also schedule regular inspections so that any signs of infestation can be caught quickly and dealt with before it becomes a problem.

What Are Some Common Methods Of Termite Control? 

The most common methods for termite control are to have a professional pest control company conduct a termite inspection and then provide treatment recommendations. 


Professional pest control companies generally provide termite treatments that can eliminate the existing colony or prevent new colonies from establishing. They may also use baits or other products to protect against future infestations. Attic Pros San Lorenzo Pest Control is one such company that has decades of experience in dealing with termites. 

What Are The Effects Of Bed Bugs On Humans?

The best way to deal with a bed bug infestation is through a thorough inspection and professional treatment by one of the best pest control services like Attic Pros. This includes careful checking of mattresses, furniture, walls, and floors for signs of bed bug activity, as well as the proper use of insecticides or set traps.


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