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Rat Exterminator Ashland

As the leading rat exterminator and rodent removal in Ashland, Attic Pros rodent control service is committed to providing detailed inspection and swift service. We understand that pest infestation can cause great disruption and stress, which is why we provide efficient, quality pest control services tailored to meet your individual needs.


Working with local pest control companies as well as other customers, we take a collaborative approach when resolving rodent infestation so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your attic and Ashland home is free from bed bugs and other rodents. 


We remain at the forefront of the industry through our use of innovative techniques and top-notch customer service. Reach out to us today to learn more about our solutions and free estimates for rat extermination.

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Professional Rat Control In Ashland: How They Help With Rat Control

Rats are pesky creatures that can be difficult to get rid of on your own. Fortunately, there are professional rat exterminators and rodent control services available to help you with the task of eliminating any existing colonies on your property and preventing their return. 


Let’s take a look at what a professional rat exterminator can do and how they can help you with rat control. 

How Professional Rat Exterminators Work 

Professional rat exterminators use a variety of methods to address rodent issues in both residential and commercial properties. These include trapping, baiting, exclusion techniques, and even chemical treatments if necessary. 


Before beginning the extermination process, the exterminator will usually perform an inspection to determine the extent of the infestation. 


This includes checking for signs of rats or other rodents such as droppings, gnawed items, tracks, burrows, and more. Once the inspection is complete, they will then be able to recommend the most effective treatment plan for your situation.

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What Diseases Can Mosquitoes Transmit? 

Mosquitoes can transmit a variety of serious and deadly diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and many other illnesses. In addition to being vectors for disease transmission, mosquitoes are nuisances that can disrupt outdoor activities like barbecuing or simply enjoying the outdoors. Consider investing in mosquito control systems for your home or property to reduce the nuisance factor from these pests.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lyme Disease? 

The symptoms of Lyme disease can vary but generally include fever, headache, fatigue, and an expanding rash or “bull’s eye” around the bite. Other symptoms may occur in later stages of the illness and can include pain in joints and muscles, swollen lymph nodes, loss of coordination, difficulty concentrating or remembering things, as well as joint swelling.

What Kind Of Damage Can Rodents Cause To Buildings And Homes? 

Rodents can cause significant damage to buildings and homes if left unchecked. Rodent problems range from gnawing on electrical wires, insulation, and woodwork leading to costly repairs, destruction of valuable items such as clothing and furniture, contamination of food with their droppings or urine, spreading germs through bites or contact with waste products, and creating noise during the night.

Additionally, their ever-growing population can create an infestation that is difficult to eradicate since they reproduce at an alarming rate. For these reasons, it is important to address any rodent problem quickly before further damage is done.


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