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Rat Exterminator Milpitas

When it comes to getting rid of rats, many people shrink away from the task. Rat extermination is a job best left to the experts! Pest control services specialize in eliminating these persistent pests and can provide quick and efficient solutions for businesses or homes invaded by rats. If rat infestation is discovered, it’s important to act quickly to prevent additional damage.

Contacting a pest control company immediately ensures that your building will be free of these furry intruders in no time! Not only that, but they offer humane solutions as well, so those squeamish about extermination can still have peace of mind knowing their uninvited guests are dealt with in an ethical way.

Attic Pros is here to offer Milpitas residential pest control services. Our team of knowledgeable technicians is highly trained. It ranks high among other pest control companies, so you can trust that your problem will be managed in an effective and timely manner.

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Types Of Rodents & Rodent Control Techniques

Rodents such as mice, rats, and gophers are some of the most common pests found in homes and commercial spaces. In addition to being a nuisance, these rodents can also be carriers of diseases, spread spider webs, and bed bugs, and cause itchy bites. 


To effectively control these pests, proper rodent-proofing techniques need to be implemented. For spider control, sealing all potential entry points such as holes and cracks in the walls, doors, and windows works well to prevent spiders from getting inside.


This requires taking measures such as sealing up entrances on doors and windows, which can prevent easy access for rodents into homes or buildings. Traps and poisons can also help to reduce their population quickly while other methods such as repellents or ultrasonic waves may help to keep them away.


Although various strategies are available for rodent control, the best approach is to take preventive steps with good sanitation practices and effective rodent-proofing techniques.

How To Rat-Proof The Crawl Space

If you’re in the bay area, San Jose, or Santa Clara and looking for rat-proofing services for your crawl space, many free inspection service providers are available to help you detect potential rat infestations. Fortunately, customized solutions exist which can rat-proof your crawl space and provide peace of mind.


Effective methods include things like set traps, blocking access points with materials such as welded wire mesh, and removing environmental attractants such as food sources and nesting materials from the area. All of these steps should be considered when rat-proofing a crawl space and will help ensure the long-term success of any rat-proofing efforts.


The process is simple and effective, allowing homeowners to be extremely pleased with the outcome. We highly recommend seeking out these specialized services to protect your home from wild rodents, ensuring that you can feel safe and secure in the years to come.

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What Food Poses Potentially Lethal Threat To Rats If Ingested?

Rats are naturally attracted to human food sources, and certain items can be very dangerous if ingested. Examples of potentially lethal food for rats include chocolate, onions, garlic, rhubarb leaves, and avocados. To prevent this, be sure to store food in airtight containers or dispose of it properly.

Are DIY Rodent Control Solutions Safe?

DIY rat extermination methods can be risky as they may not effectively eliminate the infestation. If the rats are not completely eradicated, they may just move to a different area of your home or business and cause additional damage. Hiring a professional pest control company like Attic Pros is the safest way to ensure that your rat problem is eliminated once and for all.


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