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Rat Exterminator Pleasant Hill CA

If you’re looking for professional rodent control services in Pleasant Hill, CA, then look no further than Attic Pros pest control company. Offering some of the best pest control services, as well as professional guidance whenever needed, our team will help you get rid of pesky rodents from your home or property quickly and efficiently.


Plus, we offer a free inspection service so that customers can get feedback about the areas where rodents may have been seen. With our comprehensive approach to rodent eradication and professional advice and customer care support, Attic Pros pest control service is the go-to choice for those in Pleasant Hill looking for reliable and effective rat exterminators.

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How To Deal With Unwanted Pests In Your Home

Nobody wants to deal with unwanted pests. Whether it’s roof rats, termites, or even rodents, these creatures can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. Not only do they cause damage to our homes and property, but they can also pose a serious health hazard if not dealt with effectively. Here we’ll look at some tips and tricks on how to handle an unwanted pest problem in your home. 

Roof Rats 

If you’re dealing with roof rats in your home, the first step is to make sure that you are taking preventive measures. This includes making sure that all of your windows and doors are properly sealed, as well as sealing any other potential entry points around the exterior of your home. If there are any existing holes or crevices in the walls or foundation of your home, make sure to fill them right away. 


It’s also important to remove any food sources that may be attracting rodents. Make sure that all food items are stored in airtight containers and don’t leave pet food or bird seed out when not in use.

Termite Inspection 

Another common pest problem is termites. If you suspect you have an infestation, it’s important to arrange for a professional termite inspection from qualified pest exterminators as soon as possible. During the inspection, the exterminator will look for signs of an infestation such as mud tubes or wood damage caused by termites feeding on the wooden structures inside your home.

Animal Trapping 

For animals like raccoons and possums that have taken up residence in your yard, attic, or crawl space, trapping is often the best option for removing them safely and humanely from your property. It’s important to make sure that whatever type of trap you use is appropriate for the animal you are trying to catch; otherwise, you could end up harming them instead of trapping them safely!

Rodent Problem  

Finally, if you’re dealing with rodents like mice or rats inside your house it’s important to take immediate steps to contain the problem before it gets worse. Start by sealing off any potential entry points into your house such as holes in walls or floors and take steps to reduce food sources such as keeping all pet foods stored away in airtight containers when not in use and sweeping up crumbs immediately after meals are eaten.

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Can Rat Bite Fever Be Prevented?

Yes, rat bite fever (RBF) can be prevented. The most effective way to avoid RBF is to take steps to prevent rodent infestations and tick bites in your home or workplace. 


Avoid feeding wild rodents, as they may carry the bacteria responsible for RBF. Keep areas where rodents live clean; wear gloves when cleaning out rodent nests; and inspect any clothing that may have been exposed to a rodent’s urine or feces. 

What Is A Norway Rat? 

The Norway Rats (Rattus norvegicus) is a species of brown rodent native to Europe and northern Asia. These rats are also commonly referred to as sewer rats or wharf rats, due to their preference for living near human settlements.

Can Pest Control Be Performed On A Budget?

Pest control on a budget is certainly possible, as long as you shop around and find the best deals.


One of the most cost-effective measures for general pest control is prevention. Sealing off entry points for insects such as cracks in walls or window frames can also make a significant difference in controlling infestations without having to pay a professional service fee.


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