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How Do I Permanently Get Rid Of Mice?


1. Seal Up Cracks And Holes

The first step in getting rid of mice is to seal up any cracks and holes inside or outside your home where they may be entering from. This includes holes in walls, floors, and foundations, as well as gaps around window frames, doors, vents, pipes, wires, and chimneys. Use caulk or steel wool for the best results.

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2. Remove Food Sources

Mice will often come into homes looking for food sources such as crumbs or pet food. Make sure you clean up any messes right away and store food in containers that are mouse-proof. Also, make sure that garbage cans have tight lids so that they cannot enter them easily.

3. Set Traps

Setting traps is another effective way to get rid of mice permanently. Traps come in a variety of styles including snap traps, sticky traps, electronic traps, and ultrasonic repellents which emit sound waves that deter mice from entering your home.

4. Professional Pest Control Services

Lastly, if all else fails it may be time to call in the professionals when it comes to getting rid of mice for good! Professional pest control services can assess the situation and provide advice on how best to get rid of your mouse infestation quickly and effectively using methods such as baiting stations or poison bait boxes specifically designed for mouse control.

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What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

Attic Pros offers pest control services of all types in and around Fairfield, CT. From bed bugs to rodent infestations, our trained professionals provide thorough inspections and an inspection report to help find the root of your pest problem and come up with pest solutions for you. 

Whether it be in Fairfield County or all throughout Connecticut, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to solve any rodent issue.

Do Attic Pros Offer Termite Inspection?

Attic Pros offers comprehensive pest control service to meet all your pest control needs in Fairfield. Our professional termite inspection is designed to help you achieve a pest-free environment. 

We partner with our customers to guarantee effective results and long-term peace of mind. Our team will provide a thorough assessment that can detect potential infestations and offer strategies for eliminating them quickly and efficiently.

Do You Think Pest Management Is Important?

Pest management is a crucial part of home ownership. Controlling pest infestations can save both money and property damage. Attic Pros pest control in Fairfield understands how vital pest control is, especially when it comes to rodents. 

We specialize in rodent extermination, meaning we are well-equipped to handle any rodent problem you may have. With the help of Attic Pros pest control in Fairfield, your home will be safe from pest infestations for years to come.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets?

Keeping yellow jackets away can be a tricky challenge. Attic Pros Fairfield pest control is here to help. Our fully-trained technicians can identify yellow jacket nests and explain steps on how to remove them safely, effectively, and with minimal disruption to your home environment. That way, you can rest assured that these pesky intruders won’t be making too much of a scene in your backyard gatherings.


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