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How To Clean Up Rodent Droppings Safely In Homestead Valley, Ca


Put On Protective Gear 

Before you begin cleaning up rodent droppings, you must wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask. This will protect you from coming into contact with any germs or bacteria that could be present in the droppings. It is also recommended that you wear long sleeves and pants to cover as much of your body as possible. 

Vacuum Carefully 

When cleaning up the droppings, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner rather than a broom or dustpan. Vacuums are better at collecting small particles like those found in rodent droppings since they have more powerful suction capabilities. However, make sure that your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter so that any airborne particles are kept from spreading throughout your home or office building. 

Clean Up Thoroughly

Once all of the droppings have been removed, it is important to thoroughly disinfect the area where the rodents were living. Use a mixture of one part bleach to ten parts water and apply it liberally over the affected area before wiping it down with paper towels or rags and allowing it to air dry completely. Make sure no traces of feces remain before leaving the area unattended again. This will help ensure that any remaining germs or bacteria are killed off completely, preventing them from coming into contact with humans later on down the line. 

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Why Call A Professional for Rodent Extermination?

When dealing with rodent infestations, it is best to call on a professional.

  • Attic Pros is one of San Francisco’s leading pest control companies. We offer a customized plan to meet the individual needs of their customers.
  • Our services extend beyond just extermination; we also provide commercial pest control including attic cleaning, rodent proofing, and same-day service for crawl spaces and Tamalpais homestead valley.
  • Our staff is experienced professionals who understand how to effectively handle common pests and will ensure that your property is completely free from rodents by providing top-notch extermination services.

Why take a chance with DIY methods when you can gain peace of mind from the experts? Call Attic Pros today for all your rodent extermination needs!

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