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How To Keep Your Home Rodent Free


Keeping your home rodent free is an important part of home maintenance. Professional Services in Los Altos can help you get the job done. A top pest control company will assess your situation and provide an effective solution to take care of any rodent problems you might have.

We will also provide regular preventive treatments in order to protect your home from future infestations. If needed, we can also spot-treat areas of your home with advanced techniques and Rodent Control products.

Whether it be mouse or rat traps and baits, insecticides, or regular termite inspection, Attic Pros Los Altos Pest Control has all the tools necessary to successfully remove rodents and keep them away.

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Common Myths About Rodents

Rodents are misjudged creatures who, in many cases, have earned a bad reputation but not all of this fear is warranted! Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs and rats are two completely different species that should not be confused.

Rat infestations can certainly pose future pest control problems when left untreated but there are many effective solutions that rodent-savvy professionals can provide to help you tackle the issue before it’s too late.

Don’t let your fear of rodents stop you from an initial phone call to address any potential issues – seek out our general pest control services as soon as symptoms arise to ensure your peace of mind now and in the future.

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How Do I Know If The Exterminator Did A Good Job?

To determine if the exterminator did a good job, it is important to first understand what wood-destroying organisms are and how they can cause major structural and aesthetic damage to your home.

When it comes time to inspect the entire house to make sure the issue has been addressed, look for signs that could indicate future problems such as wood rot and water infiltration. Additionally, request customized solutions for each problem depending on its unique circumstances

How Often Do I Need To Have My Home Inspected For Rodents?

Ensuring your home is rodent-free should be a top priority for every homeowner. Regular inspections are key to both catching pest issues early and preventing future problems from occurring.

If you live in the Los Altos area, it’s recommended to have your home inspected for rodents at least twice per year: once in spring and then again in fall. Homeowners who may be more exposed to the threat of rodents can opt for quarterly inspections instead.

Which Is The Best Mice Exterminator Company?

Attic Pros is the leading pest control and rodent exterminator in Los Altos. One thing that makes Attic Pros a cut above other pest control companies is our specialty in eliminating common pests found living in attics, such as rats and mice.

Not only do we offer top pest control services, but also provide preventative services to help keep your attic pest-free long after exterminations are complete. Attic Pros rodent exterminator Los altos offers a wide range of services including one-time treatments, residential and commercial pest control, crawl space repairs, interior pest inspections, and more!


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