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Types of Rodent Control Measures


Rodent control can come in many forms and should be tailored to each situation depending on the type of rodent present in the area.

Some common methods include

  • Trapping,
  • Baiting,
  • Exclusion,
  • Sanitation And
  • Habitat Modification.

Trapping involves physically catching the rodents with traps while baiting refers to poisoning them with toxic bait that contains poisons like anticoagulants or bromethalin which are lethal to them.

An exclusion means using physical barriers like mesh screens or caulking to deny them entry into buildings while sanitation involves cleaning up any potential food sources that could attract them.

Finally, habitat modification involves changing the environment around an area (e.g., removing overgrown grass or debris) to make it less attractive for rodents.

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Benefits of Rodent Control

The primary benefit of controlling a rodent population is reducing the risk of contamination from disease-carrying pests like rats and mice as well as avoiding property damage from chewing and gnawing activities.

Controlling rodents also helps prevent rat bites which can cause serious injury and spread diseases like rabies or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). Additionally, keeping their population numbers low reduces competition among other animals for food resources which encourages more biodiversity in an ecosystem.

Lastly, controlling rodents help protect crops by reducing crop destruction due to feeding activities as well as preventing crop contamination from urine and feces droppings.

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Are All Common Household Pests Dangerous?

No, not all common household pests are dangerous. Some of them, such as spiders or ants, may only require prevention and exclusion methods to keep them out of the home. Others, such as rodents or stinging insects, should be removed from the home quickly by professional pest exterminators from the pest control industry to ensure they do not cause harm.

How To Clean Rat Droppings?

Pest control services have the experience needed to properly clean and decontaminate an area affected by rat droppings. In general, a pest control service will treat an affected area with chemicals that deactivate any bacteria or viruses caused by rat feces before safely removing any visible waste. They may also perform air filtration treatments and use HEPA vacuum cleaners specifically designed for animal matter removal.

Why Termite Inspection Is Necessary?

Conducting a termite inspection is essential for keeping your property safe from damaging pests like termites. Professional pest control companies can provide you with an accurate assessment of any existing or potential problem areas through a thorough termite inspection, as well as offering advice on preventative measures that you can take to protect your property from further infestation.

Which Pest Control Company Is Best For Bed Bugs Removal?

Attic Pros is widely regarded as one of the best pest control companies for bed bug removal. Our pest control experts have years of experience in handling even the toughest infestations and use a variety of methods to completely remove any trace of these pests from your home.

Why Rodents Are A Problem?

Rodents, like rats and mice, can be a major problem due to their propensity for infesting homes and businesses. They can cause expensive structural damage as well as carry diseases such as Hantavirus, Lyme disease, and the plague.


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