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Latest Rodent Extermination Techniques


Mouse Traps

One of the oldest and most effective methods of exterminating rodents is trapping them. There are a variety of traps available on the market that can be used in different locations around your home or property depending on where you think they may be living or nesting. 

Trapping is an effective way to catch rats, mice, and other rodents without using chemicals or hazardous materials. Just make sure you check the traps regularly and release any animals you have caught in a safe location away from your home.

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Another method of getting rid of rodents is by using repellents. Repellent sprays are designed to keep rodents away from certain areas by releasing an unpleasant odor that they find offensive. It is important to note that these sprays are not 100% effective as some animals may still try to enter those areas despite the odor being present. Therefore, it’s best to use these sprays in conjunction with other extermination methods such as trapping or baiting for maximum effectiveness.


Using mothballs is another rodent extermination that has been around for many years. Mothballs are small balls made out of naphthalene which release a strong smell when heated up by air or sunlight. This smell will repel most rodents, keeping them away from your home or property while also killing off existing pests due to their toxic properties. 

However, it’s important not to overuse mothballs as too much exposure could be dangerous for people and pets living nearby due to their toxicity levels.

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How Frequently Should Pest Control Be Done?

Pest control services should be conducted around the home or business on a regular basis. This is because pest infestations can cause serious damage, create problems with allergies, and even threaten food safety. Having pest control done regularly will help you avoid these risks to your health and property, as well as any potential financial losses that could arise from pest-related issues.

What Kind Of Services Do You Offer In Palo Alto Ca?

Attic Pros in Palo Alto offers a wide range of services for you. From seasonal pests and crawl space to mice control, ant control, cockroach control, and more, we provide the best pest control services in the San Jose area. 

Our professional team is well-versed in the pest control industry, providing reliable rodent control and termite inspection services. Get all your residential and commercial needs met under one roof with Attic Pros!

How To Identify Rodent Infestation?

To locate the rodents and determine the severity of the issue, it’s best to contact a professional pest control service in San Jose or Palo Alto such as Attic Pros Pest Control Company. Our experienced exterminators have the expertise to correctly identify a rodent infestation and provide you with effective rodent control services that will effectively rid your environment of these pesky critters.

Where Do Rodents Hide In A Home?

Pest exterminators understand that rodents love warm, dark, inconspicuous locations where they can go undetected. Common hiding places for rodents include attics, basements, unused furniture, closets and drawers, behind appliances, and inside wall voids or false ceilings. If you’ve noticed signs of rodent activity, contact reliable rodent control services such as Attic Pros right away!


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