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Is A Rodent A Mouse Or Rat?


You hear the term “rodent” thrown around a lot, but what exactly is a rodent? Are mice and rats rodents? The answer is yes! Rodents are a group of mammals that include mice, rats, hamsters, and more. But how do you tell them apart? Keep reading to find out!

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Mice vs. Rats

The first step in understanding rodents is to know the difference between mice and rats. Mice are typically small with large ears while rats are much bigger with smaller ears. Mice also tend to be more agile than rats, making them better at navigating tight spaces like walls or pipes. In addition, mice often have gray fur while rats tend to be brown or black in color.


Another type of rodent is the hamster. These furry little critters can be found in pet stores across the world and make for great companions due to their playful personalities. Hamsters are usually smaller than both mice and rats but still have big ears like mice. They come in various colors ranging from white to black to brown depending on the breed.


Gerbils are another popular pet rodent that looks similar to hamsters but are slightly larger and more active. They can range from light brown to dark gray in color with a tail that’s almost as long as their bodies. Gerbils love playing with toys and exercise wheels so they need plenty of space for running around if kept as pets!


Finally, let’s not forget about squirrels! These bushy-tailed critters are technically classified as rodents despite being much larger than other members of this group such as mice or hamsters. They’re usually reddish-brown in color but can range from white all the way through shades of gray depending on their species or where they live geographically speaking.

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Who Offers The Best Pest Control Services In St. Helena?

Attic Pros is known to be one of the best pest control companies in St. Helena. With years of experience in the industry, we offer superior pest control service and are committed to providing satisfactory results to our customers.

An additional bonus is that we also offer a pest problem-free inspection and free estimates that help identify any existing or other pest problems and areas of concern before taking corrective measures.

What Is The Job Of Mouse Exterminators?

Rodent exterminators are professionals hired to help solve rodent problems. They provide rodent control services which include inspecting the home, rodent-proofing any possible rat entry points like rodent droppings, and eliminating rodent populations.

Exterminators will often determine if rats or mice are involved in the home, as these pests carry different diseases. Not only do they eliminate rodent infestations but also create a plan of action to ensure the entire home is rodent-free for good.


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