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Benefits Of Professional Rodent Extermination Services 


Peace of Mind

A professional rodent exterminator will be able to assess the severity of the infestation, develop an action plan, and get rid of the rodents quickly and efficiently. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the problem is being taken care of quickly and correctly by an experienced professional. 

Time Saving

Hiring pest control companies is beneficial, it saves time and energy. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to get rid of rodents promptly. This means that you won’t have to spend hours researching different methods or trying different products yourself to get rid of the pests. 

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Professional pest control services use safe methods that are not harmful to people or pets. This means that you don’t have to worry about putting yourself or your family at risk while trying to take care of the problem yourself. 


Professional rodent extermination services use efficient methods that will eliminate all rodents quickly and effectively. This ensures that your home or business is free from pests as soon as possible so that you can move on with your life without worrying about future infestations. 

Cost Effective

Hiring a professional pest control company may seem like an expensive option, but it can be more cost-effective than trying to do it yourself. Professionals have access to high-quality materials and equipment that may not be available for DIY projects, which can end up saving you money in the long run by getting rid of rodents faster and more thoroughly than if you were doing it on your own.  


What Are Some Tips For Dealing With Dreaded Dead Rat Smell?

Dealing with a dead rat smell can be a daunting task, but there are several ways to ensure the odor is eliminated quickly.

  • Firstly, it’s important to eliminate any vulnerable points around your property where rats might have access.
  • Secondly, if you’re fortunate enough to spot the rodent in one of your crawl spaces, make sure you act quickly and safely dispose of the remains.
  • Lastly, it’s essential to call an experienced pest control team who is extremely responsive and will take care of the problem with absolute joy.

Following these easy steps will ensure that the dreaded dead rat smell will soon be gone!

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What Are Your Favorite Services To Offer? 

Attic Pros is a local family-owned business in Tamalpais with expertise in pest control service. We also provide rodent service and insulation removal in North Bay and San Anselmo. No matter what issue our clients are facing, they can be sure we’ll address it with speed and efficiency! Insulation removal is often one of the most difficult and tedious jobs to handle but with Attic Pros, it becomes an absolute joy. 

When Is Critter Control Necessary?

When pests have overrun your property and become a nuisance, we at Attic Pros utilize our experience to effectively deal with the problem. With us, you’ll experience absolute joy as we strive to make critter control less of a burden on your life! Our services are not limited to critters; Attic Pros also offer attic restoration, insulation installation, insect control, rodent removal, and more!


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