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AtticPros provides rodent removal services in the San Pablo, CA area. We are experts in rat and mouse control and can help you get rid of these pests for good.

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Based on 863 Google reviews

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Rodents, bed bugs, and wild animals are common pest problems that many homeowners face. These pesky critters can cause extensive damage to your home and crawl space, so it’s important to address rodent removal in the San Pablo area immediately if you suspect these creatures have made their way into your space. AtticPros pest control company offers effective solutions for rodent removal in San Pablo, and San Francisco that are safe for your home and commercial services. Whether it's a rat problem in the basement, a bats or rodent problem in the attic, or an infestation of bedbugs – you can rest assured knowing attic pros has your back!

What Kind of Problems Do Rodents Cause? 

Rodents can cause a variety of problems for homeowners, from health-related issues to property damage. Here are some of the main things to consider when it comes to rodents in your home: 

Health Risks

Rodents carry various types of bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses in humans and animals. They also leave behind droppings that contain these pathogens, creating an even greater risk for potential contamination. 

Property Damage

Rodents are notorious chewers and they can quickly destroy furniture, wires, insulation, drywall, carpets, and more with their sharp teeth. In addition to causing structural damage, they can also leave behind unpleasant odors throughout your home due to their urine and feces. 

Pest Infestation

Rodents reproduce quickly and if left unchecked, a single infestation can turn into a full-blown invasion in no time at all. This is why it’s important to take action as soon as possible when dealing with rodents in your home. 

How Can I Prevent Rodent Infestation? 

 There are several steps you can take for routine maintenance to prevent rodent infestation in your home:

  1.  Seal up any cracks or holes on the exterior of your house that may give rodents access inside.
  2. Keep food stored securely away from pests by using airtight containers or placing it in the refrigerator whenever possible.
  3. Regularly clean up spills and crumbs from floors or countertops so rodents don’t have easy access to food sources near your home.
  4. Make sure garbage cans have tight-fitting lids that rodents cannot get into easily.  
  5. Avoid leaving pet food out overnight where rodents could potentially get into it.
  6. Ensure vents leading outside are properly screened so rodents cannot enter through them.
  7. Trim back trees or shrubs near the house so they do not provide a pathway for rodents into the structure itself.  

If these preventative measures fail or if you already have an infestation on your hands, then professional pest control services may be necessary to eliminate the problem completely and safely from your San Pablo residence.


It is always best to contact qualified pest control companies before attempting any DIY solutions as these methods may not be effective enough or safe for use around children or pets. 

What Does A Pest Control Business Do?

Pest Identification and Evaluation:

Before any treatment is undertaken, it is important to identify what type of pests you have in your home or business. A professional pest control company can quickly and accurately identify any potential threats and determine the best course of action for removal, typically without ever needing to use hazardous chemicals. 

Integrated Pest Management:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally friendly approach that utilizes multiple methods to reduce or eliminate pests.


This includes using natural repellents such as predators, trapping devices, and physical removal methods such as vacuuming. IPM also includes steps like sealing cracks in walls and foundations where pests may enter from outside. 

Pesticide Applications:

Sometimes pesticides need to be applied to completely get rid of the problem. The pest control company will only use chemicals that are proven to be effective against the specific type of pest present while being safe for humans and pets. 


They will also apply them sparingly so that there is no unnecessary risk involved with their application. 


The best pest control companies put customer satisfaction at the center of their operations and use humane techniques for pest issues whenever possible. Ultimately, they aim to protect your property investment as well as guarantee public safety and well-being.

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"They did exactly what they said they would do. Polite people at all levels. Nico explained what they could do with our Rodent Removal problems..."

Anna Gabriela Mendoza

Asked Questions

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It is recommended to get a pest spray every 3-4 months. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the source of your problem in order to make sure that you are addressing the issue at its root cause. 

Generally speaking, most small insects begin to emerge in the spring when temperatures start to rise and stay relatively warm for a couple of months. Flies tend to come out shortly after that during April and May, while mosquitoes typically emerge from June through August depending on local conditions. 

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