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The Cost of Attic Cleaning – How Much to Get the Professionals In?

Attic Cleaning Service

The Cost of Attic Cleaning – How Much to Get the Professionals In?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t give your attic a second thought, but it deserves just as much attention as other areas of your home. Mucking about in a dirty attic isn’t anyone’s idea of a great weekend. Fortunately, the cost of attic cleaning services is not as high as you might think.

Professionals are a lot more efficient and safer because they have all the tools to get the job done quickly. What could take you days might take an experienced team a matter of hours. If you’ve found yourself wondering about the cost of an attic cleaning service and whether it might be worthwhile, this article is for you.

How Much is the Cost of Attic Cleaning?

A lot of variables will go into determining how much your attic cleaning service will cost. The average cost nationwide is around $200. This price is on the low end, and the value of your final invoice will depend on what needs doing. For example, a thorough cleaning, pest inspection, mold remediation, and attic rodent removal could cost $1,000 or more.

Other variables that will factor into the final price include the size of your attic, the condition of your insulation, and how long it has been between cleans.

The Square Foot Cost to Clean an Attic

The bigger the attic, the longer it will take to clean it, so all services will start calculating their prices based on square footage. Keep in mind that this metric is just the start of working out a final figure.

For example, there is usually a flat fee for a deodorizing and disinfection service, but this price is usually capped at a certain volume. If you have a larger attic, they may need to add an additional fee for each square foot over the average.

A ballpark figure you can use to start working out how much it might cost to clean your attic is about $1.50 per square foot.

A breakdown of Attic Restoration Costs

Attic cleaning services cover a wide range of activities, and most attics don’t need them all. Here are some estimated costs, which will often vary depending on the current state of your attic.

Attic Condition

Attics that haven’t received much attention could be in a sorry state and might require the full suite of services like decontamination services, rodent removal, checking existing insulation, attic insulation removal, insulation installation, and rodent proofing.

Decontamination, disinfecting, and deodorizing are common tasks that should be done at least twice a year, even if you regularly clean your attic. You can save money with preventative maintenance such as sweeping cobwebs, dusting, and rodent-proofing the attic against pests. Not using your attic as storage space for your unwanted junk will also help.

Moisture in your attic could have led to a mold infestation, which will need to be dealt with to prevent further damage. It will add to your costs but it will save you money in the long run.

Attic Decontamination Costs

Attic decontamination includes rubbish removal and safe disposal of hazardous waste like rodent droppings and venomous insects. The usual cost for this service can range from $200 to $300. You may be able to avoid this fee if you regularly maintain your attic and use pest control measures.

Disinfecting and Deodorizing

Once the attic has been decontaminated, the next logical step is to disinfect and deodorize the area. This service will include removing odors and any remaining traces of biowaste. The fee is usually a flat rate between $100 and $200 and will depend on the size of your attic.

Remove and Dispose of Junk

Attic junk removal services can range anywhere from $150 to $400 on average. Prices can vary depending on how much junk you have stored as well as how heavy the items are. In general, you won’t see prices go much above $600.

Rodent Removal and Prevention

A tidy, clean attic is unlikely to attract pests, but expect pest control to cost anywhere between $200 and $500 if it’s required. Variations in pricing will depend on the type of rodents, how long the infestation has gone on, and how much damage they have done.

Rodent prevention services are available and can cost anywhere from $150 to $250. It pays to keep in mind that rodent prevention will introduce cost savings on future attic cleaning services.

Mold Remediation Services

Humidity levels in attics are higher than in the rest of the home, so they are more susceptible to mold outbreaks. The space is also at greater risk of small leaks in the roof leading to moisture buildup.

Dehumidifying the attic and sealing up gaps can help control humidity and reduce the chance of mold. If mold has already invaded your attic, you should consult with professional attic services near you for an accurate estimate.

Insulation Removal and Replacement

A home that is always drafty could be a sign of issues with your insulation. Older homes are more susceptible to issues with insulation, as it does degrade over time. The cost of getting the old insulation removed and replaced will vary with the attic’s size and the type of insulation you are removing and replacing it with.

Blown-in insulation is more challenging to remove than batts and needs specialist equipment. National averages for attic insulation services range between $1,500 and $3,000, so call your attic insulation service for an accurate estimate.

DIY Versus Hiring Professionals

Cleaning the attic yourself is a great way to save money, but doing everything yourself might be impossible.

While you can control the amount of junk stored in the attic and do the dusting yourself, a professional cleaning twice a year is highly recommended. Experienced attic services can keep an eye on the general condition of your attic and will spot developing problems that you may miss.

Attic Pros provides a range of attic services near you to cover all your attic cleaning, insulation, and pest control needs. They are experienced professionals and provide a friendly service at competitive rates, so call today to find out more.

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