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Why Do You Need Quality Cleaning of Your Crawl Space?

crawl space cleaning

Few things are as confined as having to take a thought about your crawl space. Often tucked with a lot of mess, including your essentials, this tight, limited space is one we leave alone unless and until we feel the necessity to eye on it.

However, you can’t keep it on the ignored side for longer. At some point, crawl space cleaning from the top industry experts will become a must.

What is Crawl Space?

A crawl space is often considered an open area between the ground side and the bottom side of the home. The home usually is built on a foundation, and the crawl space is made of a block of cinder with a brick facing. The ground portion can be concrete flooring, gravel, or soil.

It encompasses the “waste” of the home, where you often have access to the air conditioning and heater, insulation, ductwork, plumbing, and wiring. Somewhere, you want to ensure your crawl space is in the best possible shape for these units and components to function correctly.

What Services Do Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning Companies Provide?

• Attic and crawl space cleaning inspections.

• Rubbish removal along with crawl space cleaning.

• Attic and crawl space upper portion removal and cleaning.

• Radiant and vapour barrier installation, inspection, and repair.

• Thermal inspections for attic spaces.

• Rodent and pest prevention in hard-to-find attic regions.

• Crawl space and attic encapsulation services.

• Attic and crawl space odour removal and treatment.

• Restoration and remediation of attic spaces.

A crawl space and attic cleaning services company may also offer other services pertinent to your job, so be sure to ask prospective hires if they can meet your specific needs.

Below is a straightforward guide to help you understand why you need quality crawl space cleaning.

Crawl space cleaning is rarely at the top of many homeowners’ to-do lists, making the problems even worse. Consider the following if you’ve been putting off doing it or hiring someone. Don’t hesitate to contact a trusted local attic cleaning services expert for a free inspection and repair estimate.

1. It’s because Many Things are Happening Down There

If you haven’t recently cleaned your crawl space, you probably have no idea. Maybe you know there is some dirt, junk, and rotting insulation, but that could be the tip of the iceberg.

It may not be enticing, but you can hire someone to get in there and clear it out for you.

2. So, your Dream Home Doesn’t become the Breeding Ground of Insects & Rodents

What you discover in your crawl space may astound you, but the sooner you deal with it, the better. Many Canadian Cities like San Francisco, Alberta, etc. invaded by one of the most dangerous species of termites. You won’t be able to refinance or sell your house until you have them treated because they can cause havoc, eat through your home, and cause structural damage.

Cockroaches, mice, rat droppings, and who knows what else could be present. Even the presence of dust mites can pose a health risk. These pests will settle down, procreate, bring in old food, and cover anything they can in their urine and feces. It poses a severe threat to the health of your pets and property, and they’ll eventually move up into your house as well.

Get rid of the type of environment they love by encapsulating and dehumidifying the crawl space to reduce moisture. As a result, the pests will become less interested in the area.

3. So, your Home is Not Attacked by Mold

One of the most notorious areas of your house for mold growth is the crawl space. You wouldn’t know if you didn’t look and hadn’t waterproofed it recently. These mold spores will spread and flourish under the flooring and between the walls of your house as they are circulated throughout it.

Anyone who lives there or visits should be protected, not only the obvious mildew. The actual mold is concealed on porous surfaces.

The presence of mold can start by simply causing more headaches and allergy symptoms. Long-term exposure can result in organ failure, internal bleeding, asthma, and permanent lung damage.

4. It’s Because you can Identify Types of Cracks & Leaks

Here, leaks and cracks will keep eroding your foundation walls. They permit the entry of moisture and support pest and mold infestations.

In concrete block walls, search for stair-step crack patterns. They can signal uneven settling, problems with the soil under your home and more. Vertical cracks typically suggest too much water has been accumulating next to your walls, and they are failing. Horizontal cracks are a serious sign that your foundation will soon fail.

5. So your Home Make Room for Vapor Barriers

Installing vapour barriers is one of the finest methods for protecting your property from mold and moisture. You don’t want to enclose a lot of trash and potentially harmful substances. Clean the crawl space first.

6. So, you can Remove Moisture, Keep Utility Bills Down

Whether it is finding leaking pipes, wall cracks or standing water, or missing insulation and waterproofing, crawl space humidity & dampness will drive up your utility bills.

7. So, you can Improve General Air Quality

The majority of the air in your house comes from the crawl space. Remember that you breathe all that daily if you are hesitant to enter the area to clean your crawl space.

8. So, you can Improve the Resale Appeal of Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, demonstrating to the next buyer that you were thoughtful enough to enhance the frequently hidden areas of your house will say a lot about you.

Being confident there aren’t structural issues, and health hazards can also add a lot of value to your home.

9. So, you can Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Runny noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffiness, headaches, rashes and asthma attacks can all arise from your crawl space.

10. So, you can Create Usable Space

Even if it is just for organized storage, crawl space cleaning can help create more usable space in your home and help you keep the inside of your home cleaner and more organized too.

No crawlspace solution is 100% until you have considered and planned for these common moisture sources.

Is Renovation of Crawl Spaces Also Essential with Crawl Space Cleaning?

Managing moisture, enhancing air quality, long-term durability of structural components, and energy efficiency are frequently goals for a crawlspace renovation.

Before Beginning a Crawlspace Renovation, You Should:

·    Identify access and egress issues;

·    Identify any threats to your life and safety;

·    Determine if the crawl space is dry enough;

·    Determine air barrier location like floor or walls and grade present in crawl space;

·    Determine what grade of ground cover you are actually looking to install;

·    Keep an eagle eye on electrical, mechanical, and plumbing for prospects;

·    Determine appropriate insulation for the crawl space considered; and

·  Collect specified measurements and visuals to estimate home improvements if required any.

Don’t neglect your crawl space. With regular crawl space cleaning work, you can keep an eye on the problems that may ultimately cost you.

If you need crawl space repair or have any questions, contact Attic Pros, based in San Francisco Bays Area!

Why Hire Attic Pros for Crawl Space Cleaning?

At Attic Pros, we specialize in Rodent control, Attic insulation, and many other projects, mainly crawl space cleaning. Our experienced team has completed countless projects for residential and commercial customers, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. In addition to our expertise, we also offer competitive pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you require Attic Cleaning services from certified professionals, give us a call today!

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