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What Is The Best Mouse Trap?


The best mouse traps can provide a valuable pest control solution, especially in high-traffic areas. For those experiencing frequent rodent problems, professional pest control services can offer powerful pest and rodent control solutions that go beyond the traditional mouse traps found at hardware stores.

These pest and rodent control services use quality materials and are designed to trap rats and mice quickly, easily, safely, and humanely. Such services may also provide non-lethal extraction of rodents from the premises, helping to reduce the need for extensive pest control efforts following an infestation.

While standard mouse traps are good for small-scale pest or rodent issues, they may be inadequate or less effective in controlling larger infestations.

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What Do Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Mice?

Attic Pros Danville pest control provides experienced rodent control services, allowing clients to get rid of mice easily and quickly. Our rodent proofing services are tailored to the individual needs of each customer and use humane traps, thorough inspections, and preventative maintenance in order to identify any existing rodent activity and then achieve successful rodent control.

Attic Pros pest control takes steps for continued protection, offering preventative services such as sealing entryways and other access points, caulking visible cracks and crevices and eliminating any sources of food or shelter conducive to mouse populations.


What Are The Dangers Of Living With Mice?

Living with mice presents a variety of health and safety concerns for homeowners. Mice, like other rodents, can cause extensive termite control problems as they chew through wood and wiring.

They also leave behind their droppings which can be full of disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and Hantavirus. In addition to these physical harms, they can also cause an immense financial burden if the problem is left unaddressed and leads to a rodent infestation.

To prevent this from occurring and to protect your health, it’s important to contact pest control experts such as Attic Pros when you suspect a mouse living in your crawl space or other areas of your home. By taking action quickly, you’ll be able to eliminate any dangers prior to them escalating into a major issue that costs time and money to remedy.


How Long Do Mouse Droppings Remain Infectious?

Although a mouse infestation is often dealt with through removal techniques, understanding the lifespan of mouse droppings and the potential to spread infectious diseases remains an important factor in rodent control. In most cases, mouse droppings can remain infectious for three weeks or more, even if no active rodents are present.

This means that professional rodent removal services must be used to disinfect the area, as certain bed bugs and mouse problem agents may remain active for extended periods of time. Of course, prevention is usually the best method for avoiding rodent problems.

Taking steps such as sealing up cracks in walls and eliminating standing water sources from your property can help minimize the likelihood of attracting mice and other rodents in the first place.

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How Can I Tell If I Have An Ant Problem?

You may have an ant issue if you see small black or brown ants around food sources and water, as well as on countertops or windowsills. You may also notice small piles of sawdust near walls, floors, and other areas.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates for all of our pest and rodent control services. Our knowledgeable technicians will assess the area and provide you with a detailed report which includes an accurate cost estimate.

What Does A Thorough Inspection Involve?

A thorough inspection involves checking inside and outside of the home or structure for rodent activity. The technician will also check possible entry points and sources of food, water, and shelter that can attract pests. The technician may also make recommendations on how to reduce potential pest issues in the future.


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